Microfiber Cloth Uses


Microfiber cloths are wonderfully amazing for cleaning. I went to the store a few months ago, saw the price of the pack of microfiber cloths in the cleaning aisle, and decided I could do without them. I then decided to check Amazon, and found this Microfiber 12-Pack of Cleaning Cloths for a much better price! You can also look in the automotive section of certain stores for the cheaper cloths that will work just as well.  I highly recommend microfiber cloths for green and frugal cleaning.  Here are some of the best uses I’ve come up with:

Microfiber Cloth Uses

-Window washing. This is probably my favorite use for the microfiber cloths.  What’s awesome about using them for window washing is that you don’t have to use any window cleaner.  You can just wet the cloth, wipe your mirrors or windows, and then use a dry cloth until the surface is dry.  Trust me, it works.  It will leave a streak free shine every time!  If you want to use a window cleaner, follow this glass cleaner recipe.

Dusting.  Microfiber cloths are wonderfully amazing for dusting.  They attract the dust, dog hair, and other debris right to them.  I use a Swiffer stick and just put my microfiber cloth on the part where you’re supposed to attach the disposable pad.  When I’m done dusting, I take the cloth outside and shake it out.

-Floor washing. Microfiber cloths are very absorbent, and their texture makes a great scrubber.  I attach a wet microfiber cloth to my Swiffer (you could also use a Swiffer Wet Jet) and then mop the floors as usual.  If you have the Swiffer Wet Jet, you can just keep using the microfiber cloths instead of buying the new pads.  Plus, make sure you refill the bottles with your homemade cleaner or mixture of vinegar and water.

-Baseboard cleaning. With two large dogs, I am forever dusting baseboards.  When I run the microfiber cloth over them, it attracts the dog hair and dust very easily.  It makes it easy to clean the baseboards.

-Replace paper towels. Microfiber cloths are super absorbent and make a great paper towel replacement.  If you’ve got a huge spill, grab a couple of microfiber cloths and soak up the liquid.  It works well, and they’ll save you money in the long run.

-Kitchen counter cleaning.  When you use a hot soapy water mixture, the microfiber cloths are great for cleaning kitchen counters and surfaces.  Add in a 1/4 of vinegar for extra cleaning and disinfecting power.

-Cloth diaper inserts. Cloth diapers can save you money with your babies, but the inserts can be expensive!  You can make your own inserts using an old towel or flannel and some microfiber cloths.  It will work just as well as the expensive, pre-made ones, and you’ll save yourself some cash at the same time!

Microfiber cloths are one of the best things you can buy for your all natural, eco friendly cleaning.  The initial investment is definitely worth it and will save you money over the years.

What do you use microfiber cloths for?

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8 thoughts on “Microfiber Cloth Uses

  1. Jen says:

    I keep one in each vehicle. Whenever I’m stuck waiting somewhere I use it to dust the inside, or clean the windows/mirrors.

    We use them in place of paper towels, I keep a container on the kitchen counter full of them – I don’t think we’ve touched paper towels in 3 months or more. We clean counters, spills, etc. with them.

    We use them to dust as well – they’re great for cleaning ceiling fans!

    When we’re heading out for a day trip, or a trip to the beach, I fill a container with them and add soap and water for handy wipes.


  2. Ross @ Go Be Rich says:

    Okay, I’m buying some of this micro-fiber stuff. My biggest pet peeve in the world for some odd reason is dust on my furniture, and how when I dust with a regular cloth and some Windex or pledge or whatever, it’s almost impossible to actually get the surface completely dust-free because it doesn’t stick to the cloth. Maybe I’m just weird or OCD or something.


  3. Funny about Money says:

    Microfiber cloths! How I love them. Get them in gigantic stacks at the vast warehouse club store starting with COS or at your nearest auto supply store.

    My house has all hard floors. And a dog that drops fur each time she inhales and then again each time she exhales. Once a day I attach a dry MF cloth to the Swiffer and dustmop the floor with it. Keeps the floors looking pretty clean all week. AND…when I go to vacuum and steam-mop the floors once a week, almost no hair comes up. The vacuum is not clogged with dog hair so I don’t have to run out to the trash and empty it two or three times during the cleaning process, and it seems to take a lot less time to do the weekly serious floor-cleaning.

    @ Ross: The things aren’t designed to be used with chemicals. Don’t use them with furniture polish gunk (which you shouldn’t put on your furniture anyway). Get the cloth slightly damp in cool tap water, wring as dry as you can, and then try dusting.


  4. FinanceProfessor says:

    I agree, microfiber cloths are a great way to save money and, in my opinion, they work much better than paper towels. I used to buy a double pack of paper towels about once a week – and it’s about $4 – $5 for a 2 pack of the good ones. What a waste! Not to mention, not too great for the environment. Thanks for all of the green and money saving household tips – any little bit of savings can is helpful these days.


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