Meet Mrs. Accountability from Out of Debt Again!


Today Mrs. Accountability from Out of Debt Again and I are exchanging question and answer posts. Mrs. Accountability is a personal finance blogger who is working on getting her self out of debt… again!  She also shares things she makes from scratch, which I think is really cool!

After you read her answers here, go over to her site and read my answers. And while you’re at her site, take a look around and subscribe to her blog!

What is your most expensive hobby?

That would have to be our dairy goats. Currently my husband and I are abstaining from all dairy products, but I am still milking my four milkers once a day. We provide the milk to two families with young children. One family pays us $5 a gallon for the milk (they would be paying $3/quart at the grocery store) and the other family the father’s income was cut by 30% so we donate the milk to them. We tried to make a business initially but decided to consider it a hobby instead.

Where did you last eat out? What did you eat?

Let’s see, the last time I ate out… well, I am going to have to say back on December 3rd my son and I stopped for breakfast at Jack in the Box. I had two tacos and french fries. I have not eaten out since, and have cleaned up my diet considerably.

Do you buy your lunch or brown bag it? Why?

I bring leftovers from home because I am able to control the foods that I eat without worrying about getting anything I’m not wanting to have like MSG, soy, margarine, etc., or was the food microwaved at some point, etc.

Do you wash your own car or take it to a shop?

I wash my own car, or my husband will do it for me once in a while. I have used a car wash place to wash my car once or twice in my life. It needs to be cleaned inside and out, currently!

Do you DIY oil changes or take it to a shop?

My husband takes care of oil changes. I have taken my vehicle in to a oil changing place maybe five times in the last twenty years. I have never had an oil change done by a dealer.

Do you prefer to work for someone or be self employed? Why?

I have mixed feelings on this. I like working for someone else because it feels more secure than working for myself. On the other hand, I would love to retire and do the accounting for my husband’s businesses. Then I would be his employee, but it would be like being self-employed.

Have you ever grown your own food?

Yes, I have a garden, and we have chickens currently for eggs and dairy goats for their milk. We have also raised turkeys, pigs, and steer. We also learned how to and have butchered chickens, turkeys and goats. Not the funnest job in the world, but a lot less expensive than taking them to the meat processor.

What is the hottest you let your house get in the summer?

In the summer of 2008 we kept it at 81°F but we found that Big A kept getting heat rash under his arms so in the summer of 2009 we lowered it to 80°F. Interestingly what difference one degree makes. In May of 2008 we installed a programmable thermostat so that we could lower the temperature at night after the electricity rate goes down (9pm) and set it higher during the day.

Do you use regular bulbs or CFL bulbs?

We don’t like CFL bulbs because of the mercury problem. We prefer to use regular light bulbs. In fact for Mother’s Day in 2008 we bought 70 boxes of 100 watt light bulbs which were on clearance at Lowe’s, marked down to $0.23 for a four pack. We’re still working on using those up.

Mother's Day

Bulbs We Bought

Who had the most impact on you as a child when it comes to financial matters?

My grandmother. She counted every penny, saved rainwater, had a garden, washed clothes by hand, used minimal electricity… she is my frugal heroine.

What is the most frugal thing you do?

I guess I would have to say making soup from the weeds found in my garden. Back in October 2008 I discovered that one of the weeds thriving in my garden was purslane, and I learned it is edible!

What car would you drive if money were absolutely no object?

I really love my Nissan Pathfinder, and it’s a 1996. I guess I’d just be happy to keep driving this vehicle! If money were no object, I could fix it up to be just like brand new. Or maybe I’d for a newer model Pathfinder.

Thank you, Mrs. Accountability! Now go on over to Mrs. Accountability’s, read my answers to the same questions and take a look around!

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