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When I first learned I was pregnant, I decided that I would be ahead of the game and start looking for some fall/winter maternity clothes, since that’s when I would be pretty big.  I went with a friend to a few stores, including Motherhood Maternity, and scoped out prices.  Old Navy’s maternity line seemed to be pretty reasonably priced.  I learned that I loved all the clothes Motherhood Maternity offered, especially their petite pants.  They fit perfectly length-wise, and that never happens!  Unfortunately, they were also priced around $35 a pair, and holy cow. I couldn’t bring myself to pay $35 for a pair of pants.  Luckily, I waited and was able to come up with a pretty nice maternity wardrobe without spending a ton of money.  Here’s how I did it:

-Went to yard sales.  When I went up to Michigan to tell my family I was pregnant, my mom and I hit up some yard sales.  She noticed one advertised on Craigslist to have maternity clothes, so we made sure to go there.  I got a pair of the petite Motherhood Maternity pants for fifty cents!  They were in great shape and are my favorite maternity pants today.  Love them!  I also got a few gender neutral sleepers for the baby for a quarter each.

-Went to many thrift stores.  Some thrift stores were much better than others, but I’ve been able to pick up a few pieces here and there, making my wardrobe more expansive.  Thrift stores weren’t my best source of clothing though, to be honest.  I think the quality of clothing at thrift stores varies depending on where you live.

-Borrowed clothing from friends.  One of my friends brought me over her whole maternity wardrobe when she found out I was pregnant.  I was able to borrow quite a few shirts and pants from her, saving me a bunch of money and shopping time!

-eBay and Craigslist.  When I learned that I loved the Motherhood pants, I started searching eBay for them.  I was able to pick up a couple pairs of dress pants for a really good price!  Even better, I didn’t have to leave the house.  My mom kept her eye out for maternity clothes on her local Craigslist, and she found someone selling maternity clothes.  She went over and bought a few pieces, and then told him to give her a call in a few days if he still hadn’t sold the clothes.  He called her later in the week to tell her she was welcome to pick up the rest of the clothes for free if we were still interested.  Awesome!

Being pregnant and thinking about how much pregnancy and babies costs can be overwhelming.  I am trying to take things one day at a time to avoid being overwhelmed.  I’m thankful I was able to put my whole maternity wardrobe together for not too much money.  I can’t imagine paying retail for all those clothes, especially when they are worn for approximately six months!

I think having and raising a baby is as expensive as you make it.  I’m going to do my best to enjoy my pregnancy and baby and not blow my budget.

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3 thoughts on “Maternity Clothes Cheap

  1. Kacie says:

    Yep! I did many of those things. I was fortunate that for both pregnancies, I was growing at pretty much the same rate so my summer maternity and winter maternity worked for when I was roughly that size. Heh!

    Other things I did: try to find seasonless pieces that can be mixed up with a lot of different things, like tops that are fine for warm weather or could work in the winter with a sweater on top or something.

    Even now, when I buy a non-maternity item it gets bonus points if it would work while pregnant for a time. For instance, I bought a few more cardigans recently. I will be able to wear those over a baby belly or open.

    Oh man, I need to stop talking about being pregnant again. My baby is still a baby! Ok for the record I am looking forward to having another baby someday soon but I just can’t really think about that right now. kbye.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Kacie- That’s awesome that it worked out like that. I had some shirts that weren’t maternity but definitely had room to grow, so I’d been using those until I got a little too big for them.

    At this point, I love being pregnant and want to do it 20 more times. But I know that’s not a good idea! 😉 We’ll see how I feel after the baby gets here!


  2. Jenny says:

    Some children’s consignment shops also carry maternity, and that was my favorite source, as well as the seasonal consignment sales. The prices were definitely higher than thrift shops and yard sales, but they were still good deals and I could count on them having something for me. Most of our thrift stores do a crappy job of separating maternity clothes from the regular ones, or they group them in with scrubs and pajamas. Not helpful!


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