Make your own Cleaning Products- glass cleaner, all purpose cleaner recipes


So far I’ve written on how to make your own laundry detergent and dish soap and dishwasher detergent . Today I’m going to tell you what other cleaning products you can make yourself using a few common household items. I’ve always got these on hand, not only because making my own cleaning products saves me money, but I also feel better about using these around my family. Next time you are at the store pick up some of these:

  • Ammonia
  • White vinegar
  • Essential oil in your favorite scent: orange oil, lemon oil, or lavender
  • Borax
  • Ivory dish soap or soap flakes
  • Good quality spray bottles
  • Rubbing alcohol (large bottle)
  • Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda (find out where to get it here)
  • Glass Cleaner recipe:
    2 cups ammonia
    1/2 cup vinegar
    1 gallon of water

    This is such a simple recipe and my mother has used it for years!

    All Purpose Cleaner Recipe:

    1 tablespoon borax

    1/2 cup liquid soap

    1/2 cup white vinegar

    1 gallon hot water

    20 drops of essential oil (optional)

    Combine and pour in spray bottle

    This is great for cleaning any surface, whether it be kitchen, bathroom, our outdoors. Works great!

    Scouring Powder

    1 cup baking soda

    ΒΌ cup washing soda

    Mix together and use as you regularly would

    These are my favorite, besides the laundry detergent.

    If you decide to make these, please drop me a line to tell me how they work for you!

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    13 thoughts on “Make your own Cleaning Products- glass cleaner, all purpose cleaner recipes

    1. Mrs Money says:

      Hi Jessica! Washing soda is sodium carbonate Na2CO3, a sodium salt of carbonic acid. It is similar to baking soda. It is a foaming agent and helps the laundry detergent foam. Thanks for stopping by!


    2. Madison says:

      I have used the recipe you have for cleaning my windows. However, instead of a rag or paper towels to use for drying, I use newspapers and it works great. Just remember to wear some rubber gloves.


    3. Mrs Money says:

      Madison- I love that! Newspapers are so wonderful to clean glass. Also, old cloth diapers (prefolds) are amazing as well!


    4. Bellashrew says:

      I wash mirrors and windows with a white vinager and water mix. It works great, no streaks, and cleans without harsh chemicals. Ammonia makes me feel like I’m having an ashtma attack!
      I also makde the dry laundry soap recipie…it’s cheap and doesn’t bother my allergies! I just got a downy ball to try with the white vinager.
      I read using aluminum foil wrapped into a ball can replace a dryer sheet and is reusable.


    5. Lydia aka Ms. MoneyChat says:

      what kind of container do you put the household cleaner into? a gallon of water seems like a lot of cleaning product. not sure i’ve seen a spray bottle that big;-). also, does the cleaner smell like vinegar? i’ve tried a recipe before but i couldn’t take the vinegar smell. your recipe has more ingredients so i think i want to try it! one more thing, what do you mean by liquid soap (all the liquid soaps i can think of would cancel out my effort at trying to be green).


      Mrs Money Reply:

      I put it into old cleaning bottles- like Fantastic, OxyClean, etc. πŸ™‚ I just recycle them! The window cleaner does smell like vinegar!

      The liquid soap I use is Dr. Bronner’s. Of course, you could always melt down some Ivory bar soap and use that! πŸ™‚


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