Make Sure you Check your Receipts!


This post originally appeared on the blog last November. Since it went over so well during the holiday season, I thought I’d share it again!

I keep reading posts from other personal finance bloggers about how to save money during the holidays and other tips and tricks to cut back this year. One thing we are doing at the Money household is not purchasing gifts for each other and making many of the gifts we’ll be giving this year. I’ve decided to try my hand at soap making, which is pretty dangerous but also really fun for me. The other day I went to the health foods store to purchase some essential oils to use for my soap making.

The essential oils were all on sale. Many were almost half price, and I decided that I would purchase all oils that were on sale that I thought would be good for my soap and many people would like. I selected my oils, went up to the register, she rang me up, and told me my total. I balked. It was about $6 more than I had anticipated! I carefully checked the register, and the reason became clear to me: they were ringing up all 30% off versus the correct sale price. I told her and went back to the aisle to check the prices. I was definitely getting over charged. I told her the correct prices and she fixed my total, but I couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened to someone that wasn’t paying as close attention. They would pay more than they are supposed to!

That’s one trick my mother taught me that has stuck with me throughout the years: pay attention to the cash register. I think it’s especially important during the holiday shopping season because stores are busy and cashiers aren’t going to know the difference a lot of time unless you inform them. Make sure you double check your receipt before you pay!

In case you don’t check and realize later, a lot of stores will refund you the difference if you take in your receipt. Be an alert consumer and make sure you don’t pay more than you need to. Every little bit counts!

Do you always check your receipts?

image from Nick J Adams

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8 thoughts on “Make Sure you Check your Receipts!

  1. Stephen S says:

    Yeah, this happens more than it should.

    Mrs. Money, please share your soap making experience with us too!


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Stephen, the next time I make soap I will make sure my hubby takes pictures! I’ll have to do that soon for you! 🙂


  2. Jackie says:

    Yup, I always check my receipts, and I’ve found quite a few errors over the years. For places like the grocery store I find it easier to check the amounts as they are being rung up.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Yes! That is the best- I like watching the clerk as they ring up the items. It seems to work better that way!


  3. Mrs. Accountability says:

    I always check the receipts! My mom always did, too. Actually, my mom used to use those red counter things where you click, click, click for each dollar, dime, nickel and cent? Maybe that was before your time. 🙂 Anyway, my son makes goat’s milk soap! He hasn’t made any in a long time and we are having to use store soap. I love our goat’s milk soap.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    My mom does it too and that’s where I learned it from 🙂 Goat’s milk soap is amazing! I’ve wanted to get goats but my hubby is not on board. That shouldn’t be a shock. 😉


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