Lavender Essential Oil Uses


Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is one of the most popular essential oils, and for good reason! It smells light and floral, is one of the most relaxing oils there is, and is so versatile it’s an oil you definitely will want in your collection. It’s a gateway oil and for good reasons! Lavender is commercially used as a fragrance in many shampoos, air fresheners, and cosmetics so it may be a familiar scent to many people.

Lavender Essential Oil Uses

Lavender Essential Oil for healing skin

Lavender essential oil is used topically (diluted with some type of carrier oil- we like coconut oil) to help heal skin irritations. It is great for healing burns and cuts, and can help provide relief from eczema and acne. Many people add drops of lavender essential oil to their face moisturizer (or oil if they follow the oil cleansing method). I love the smell of lavender in my face oil!

Lavender for stress and anxiety relief

Lavender’s scent instantly relaxes many people. In our house, we diffuse lavender a lot! It can help calm down little ones, freshen up the air, and is very light in scent. I like to diffuse lavender with a drop of patchouli- I think the combo smells so good! I also like to dilute and apply it to feet before bedtime for relaxation. We also diffuse lavender before we go to bed- I believe it makes us all sleep better!  I also mix a few drops of lavender essential oil with witch hazel and water and spray down bedding for a long, relaxing nights’ sleep!

Lavender Essential Oils for Allergies

The other day, my daughter came in the house with hives all over her chest and back after being around the horse. I diluted a couple drops of lavender essential oil in coconut oil and spread it all over her hives! They were gone by the morning! Of course, in the event of severe or anaphylactic allergies, allopathic treatments can be preferred. I personally wouldn’t mess around with essential oils if my little one was having a severe allergic reaction.

Lavender as a natural cure for Dandruff and Psoriasis

Lavender may be helpful in relieving dandruff. I would add a couple drops to shampoo for therapeutic benefits. It’s great for skin, and may help clear up the dandruff and psoriasis naturally without toxic chemicals. Many dandruff and psoriasis shampoos are chalk full of toxic chemicals which get absorbed quickly through skin. When something is applied to the skin, it’s quickly absorbed and makes it’s way to the blood stream fairly quickly.

Lavender for insect bites

We make an all natural bug spray with an essential oil blend that is very effective but there are sometimes we forget to apply before going outside and we end up getting bit or stung by insects. A few weeks ago, I was stung by a bee and immediately went inside and applied lavender oil to the sting. It helped to relieve the pain quickly and reduced the swelling as well. It’s great!

These are some of our favorite ways we use lavender essential oil.  Do you use essential oils in your home and for your family?

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