I’ve got the Moving bug… Again


So.  Remember last time I was talking about moving across country?  Well, this time I’ve got the itch again, but it’s not where you think.  I want to move to Michigan.  Yep, the state with the highest level of unemployment right now.  Why?  Because my family is all there.

Last month we spent a week with the whole family on vacation at a cottage on a lake.  We rented two cottages, cooked our own food, swam in the lake, and roasted marshmallows around the bonfire.  See? Frugality runs in the family.  While I was there, I realized how much I miss being around them and how if we lived there, it would be much easier having kids. Well, not so much having the kids, but raising them. I really don’t want my family involved in having the kids.  That’s just sick and wrong.

What I think is strange is that thinking about moving to Michigan doesn’t scare me like moving to Colorado did.  Even the fact that Michigan has over twice the unemployment rate than Colorado.  I feel much better about the possibility of moving up there.

Here are the pros:

-Be closer to family. (Very important)

-Can buy a house for cheap.

-My family owns 70 acres of farm land, so I could build an earth friendly house over there and grow tons and tons of veggies and have all the animals my heart desires. (Squee!)

-I’d have a support system for having babies.

-I could just transfer to a branch up there.


-I don’t think Mr. Money could find a job up there in the restaurant industry.

-We’d have to sell our house and lose money on it.

While I only have two cons, those are huge ones.  Not so much the losing money part because I don’t think we’d lose that much money.  Thinking about Mr. Money not having a job is the worst!

We’ve decided we are going to wait until after winter to make any concrete decisions.  We’ll see how we feel about it then and then try looking for jobs for Mr. Money in the spring.  It will be better to sell our house then, too.

What do you think of our plan?

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9 thoughts on “I’ve got the Moving bug… Again

  1. Monroe on a Budget says:

    You will find a lot of frugal-minded people in Michigan including Sara Noel, host of Frugal Village; Matt from DebtFreeAdventure; and Me!


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Awesome! We could have the best meetups! 🙂


  2. Kacie says:

    Nothing wrong with waiting! Maybe as time passes, things will start to turn around in Michigan. Plus, who wants to move north in the winter? Ugh! Good luck!


    Mrs Money Reply:

    I think that will give us time to make a well-educated decision. If we wait, it won’t be hasty and we’ll have time to go through things, etc. I am curious to see how our lives will be in 5 years.


  3. Miss M says:

    How long is your job safe for and can you get one up in MI? If you take the time to plan and prepare there is no reason you can’t move to where you want to live. I moved far away from my folks cause I don’t like them very much. When my mom moved here last year I thought, hey at least we’ll get some childcare help out of it. But now she is looking to buy a house an hour away, which isn’t very practical for baby sitting. We’d spend 4 hours a day on the road to drop off and pick up! Ugh. iI sounds like you are planning to live on the same property as your folks so at least you won’t have that problem. Lots of luck, I’m sure you can make it happen.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    I should be able to transfer to a branch in MI. My job here is good until February. That’s funny you moved away from your family and I want to move closer to mine! 😉


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