Is Clothes Consignment Worth it?


Back in August, I took some clothes to a local consignment store. The other day I went and picked up the clothes that didn’t sell as well as a check for the items people purchased. The check was for $33.72.

I honestly was expecting more, but I’m glad that some items sold.  I was charged a $5 fee for consigning, so the total of the items that sold was $38.72.  I’ve got mixed emotions on whether or not I’ll take any more clothes to the consignment store.  Sure, it’s definitely nice that I made $33.72 extra that I wasn’t planning on, but at the same time it was a pain to keep those clothes around the house for as long as I did before taking them to the consignment store.

I gave the rest of the clothes that didn’t sell to a young mom that is struggling to make ends meet.  I feel really good that she’s getting the clothes and will put them to good use.  In the future, I think I may just donate any old clothing I have to her.  The feeling that I get knowing that I’m helping someone is great.

Have you tried consignment stores? Did you get a result like mine?

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13 thoughts on “Is Clothes Consignment Worth it?

  1. Sage Norbury says:

    I agree. I’ve used a local consignment store for my clothes and was sadly disappointed with the result. Several items sold, but several others didn’t. And the money I received was not very much.

    Although it was a little less hassle than selling on ebay, I’ll stick with donations to my local women’s shelter.

    On the other side, my daughter-in-law has had very good experiences with local consignment sales for children’s clothes. We love to shop there, and she usually nets a tidy amount.

    I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Yes! That’s another great point; it was so much easier than ebay! I don’t think ebay is worth it for selling clothes. I think a lot of people do better with kid’s clothing.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comments!


  2. cavewoman says:

    I LOVE the consignment store.
    I take a spring and a winter consignment to the shop, and then collect my money at the end of the year.

    I send my best stuff to the consignment shop, the next tier of stuff to the yard sale, and that which didn’t go at the yard sale, goes to the charity.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    I’m glad to hear you have success with it! How many items do you normally take at a time? I took in 40 all together.

    I tried having a yard sale a few times but it definitely wasn’t worth it! 🙁


  3. Kacie says:

    I’ve never sent clothes to a consignment shop, but I do plan on consigning some of Johnny’s old stuff in March.

    I don’t expect to get much money for it at all. But since I didn’t pay much for it either, I think I’ll get all my money back — maybe even a slight profit since some things were a huge deal.

    I hope it’s worth my time!


    Mrs Money Reply:

    I’ll bet you’ll have a lot of success with his clothes. It seems a lot of baby items sell better than adult’s!


  4. Miss M says:

    Hey it’s better than $0. Do you think the tax write off would have been more valuable? I’ve never done consignment, only clothing resellers. The problem with the resellers is that they are very picky, I had some really nice clothes that they wouldn’t take. Now I just donate everything, less hassle.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    You know- I had the exact same thoughts as you. I figured it was SOME money and I was happy with that. I think if I itemized everything that it would probably have been better than consigning. I need to make detailed lists of everything I donate.


  5. DJ says:

    I take clothing to a local consignment shop regularly. They operate a little differently. You take in the clothing, they sell it, you get 50% of what they sell it for. I don’t have to go back and pick up clothing that doesn’t sell, they donate unsold clothing. I also shop there, so usually when I buy something from there, they will check their records and tell me what I have on my account so I can “pay” for my purchases with that. Maybe you just need to check around with different consignment shops.


  6. Megpie says:

    I tried selling a lot of name-brand/designer, tags still on clothes and the shop wouldn’t take them for whatever reason. So I probably won’t be attempting that again. I do love shopping there though.


  7. Women Living Well says:

    I agree with you that consigning is so much work and the reward is small!

    I did a clothes swap with a few friends and had GREAT fun AND I find great joy in seeing my clothes on them. We’re giving old clothes new life – plus I got GREAT stuff! Here’s my blog about it – you are welcome to link to it for your readers if you think they’d benefit?

    Thanks for stopping by my cyberspace spot today!


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