Is a Vacation a Good use of Money?


tent.jpgAs you are reading this, I am camping in the great wilderness.  Okay, it’s probably not the “great wilderness”, but it’s vacation, and I’m happy that I don’t have to be at work!  When Mr. Money and I knew we had some time off coming up, we debated on what we were going to do during the vacation.  We talked about going camping (saves money), visiting family, and just staying around the house and getting some home improvement projects done.  We decided we would do a little camping and then go visit family.  That would be something we would both enjoy, and we wouldn’t spend too much money.

Being as frugal as I am, I seriously considered just staying at home.  With current gas prices, I couldn’t justify driving or flying the 1500 miles to Colorado. We talked about skipping the trip to visit my family, but it’s only 5 or 6 hours, and won’t cost us that much.  We haven’t seen them in awhile and it’s definitely overdue.  Mr. Money had wanted to go camping, so I said we should do that for a few days and then go visit family for the rest.  We compromised.

I always wonder how others view vacations.  A lot of people consider them a waste of money because you have nothing to “show” for the money you’ve spent.  Some people consider it an investment in their sanity (I agree!) and that is money well spent.  Others think that they can’t take it with them, so why not spend it now while they can and enjoy it.

How do you view vacations? Are they a good use of money? 

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7 thoughts on “Is a Vacation a Good use of Money?

  1. The Conscious Snob says:

    I completely value vacations as an opportunity to experience different cultures and learning something new. I don’t travel all the time, but I make an effort to travel to a different country at least once a year as well as one domestic travel the other time. There may not be a lot of things “to show” with the money I spent, but my life is greatly enriched on what I got to see, who I got to meet, and things I got to try. Experience is truly priceless.


  2. MrsMoney says:

    I think vacations are priceless too. When we went to Hawaii for our honeymoon, I have some of the best memories of my life. I wouldn’t trade that for anything!


  3. Bryan says:

    Vacations are not a waste of money. I believe everyone should spend a little more on experiences and a little less on “stuff.”


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