I’m Back from Vacation!


tent.jpgI’m back from my lovely vacation. I had a great time even though we didn’t get to go camping because the Trooper decided to die about 15 minutes from the campground. Rather than spending $200+ on a new water pump, we decided to try to drive it home. We were stopping every 15-20 miles to add water to it. Not fun times! I’ve decided that I will be listing the Trooper on Craigslist tonight. The retail value is worth $4325, trade is $2875, and I think I am going to list it for $1500 Or best offer. It’s had a tree fall on it, and now it needs a new water pump. I can’t wait to get rid of it! I just hope someone wants it.

Instead of going camping, we went to visit my family in Michigan. One thing that I noticed while being up there is how much Michigan’s economy stinks! I know that hearing that all over the news never seems like a reality until you actually see things for yourself. There are SO many foreclosures, lost jobs, and the general atmosphere there is down. It was really sad to see, as I grew up there. My mom wants us to move back there, but as much as I’d love to be around my family, there’s no way that I can make that sacrifice right now. Maybe in a few years.

We didn’t spend a ton of money. In fact, we really only spent gas money (about $200) to get there and back, and $100 in spending money. I am really proud of us! We had a great time and didn’t spend a small fortune while we were gone. It was definitely worth it.

Our next vacation is scheduled for Labor Day Week! I can’t wait!

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