If You Can’t Eat it, Don’t Put it on Your Skin


Coconut Oil
Creative Commons License photo credit: Veganbaking.net

One rule that I always follow when it comes to hygiene and making my own body care products is that if I can’t eat it, it doesn’t go into my product. The largest organ of the body is skin. Skin absorbs so many toxins throughout the day from the air around us that the last thing we need to do is add more toxins to our body by slathering on chemicals.  According to this site, skin absorbs 60% of products used topically. When the skin absorbs lotion, the ingredients make their way into your bloodstream.  I like knowing that coconut oil and olive oil are making their way into my bloodstream and not something like Polyethylene glycol (PEG).

A few of the ingredients I use in my products are:
baking soda
coconut oil
-olive oil
castor oil

All natural, all edible.  And the time that it takes me to make my own beauty products is negligible because I enjoy making them and I am pretty well versed now.

Have you tried any of my recipes?  What other recipes would you like to see?

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14 thoughts on “If You Can’t Eat it, Don’t Put it on Your Skin

  1. Mrs. Micah says:

    All I use on my skin is Dove soap. Well, 99% of the time. I can’t remember the last time I wore makeup, maybe three or four months ago. I’m not sure that Dove’s sensitive skin soap is 100% safe ingredients, but I know I’m not putting much on the skin anyway, and that’s something.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Mrs. Micah- that’s awesome! I don’t wear any makeup either and it feels so good! I get comments on how young I look all the time, but that doesn’t bother me any more. 🙂

    I think that’s great you are using Dove soap. Fantastic! 🙂


  2. 2 Cents @ Balance Junkie says:

    I just have to say that this title totally cracked me up. I love the all natural approach, but as someone with numerous allergies, I need to be careful about what I put on my skin, whether it’s organic or not. Thanks for the info!


    Mrs Money Reply:

    2 Cents- LOL, thanks! I am glad you enjoyed the title. Let me know if you have any questions or need any help!


  3. Robert says:

    Very good maxim. Whenever something comes into contact with your skin, it gets soaked in. So, in effect, you are “eating” whatever comes in contact with your skin. If you wouldn’t eat motor oil, don’t smear it all over your skin!


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Robert- I love that! I will bet that if we could see what is truly in some cosmetics, we would be appalled.


  4. ISA says:

    Do you have any recepies for body wash? I already do the baking soda/vinegar for my hair but am having trouble with the rest haha 🙂


  5. Boris says:

    Dear Ms. Money,
    I find your post very helpful. My only concern is if I should try to eat soap, because sometimes I put soap on my skin… 😉
    All the best,



  6. Money Funk says:

    I love your recipe page! Going to check out that Candy Cane sugar scrub! I agree, I would rather put natural products on my face than stuff I cannot pronounce. But I am a consumerist and buying a product is easier for me when time is limited.


  7. Simple in France says:

    I basically follow the same rule. I didn’t realize you’d posted on cleansing with oil, but about a year ago, I began doing just that–I don’t use castor oil at all, just olive. Actually, I like it because I have dry skin, so it removes the step of moisturizing afterward.

    I have yet to make my own deodorant, and am currently using a natural one (with all edible ingredients by the way) that I buy in a store.

    I’m hoping to track down coconut oil soon because I saw some ideas for making deodorant with it. . .and I’d like to give that a try. . .

    I’m looking forward to trying out some of your other recipes.


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