I Want to Sell my House by Owner and Buy a New House


This afternoon I had a genius idea.  I decided that I want to sell our house and buy another that will fit our lifestyle a little bit better.  The house we are in now is a perfect size (it’s about 1500 square feet and we don’t use two of the bedrooms plus the dining room) but is on a little less than an acre.  I really want to get chickens, and we actually can because there are no ordinances against it here but it would be nice to have more property to be able to put them farther away from the house.  Also, if we could get a house with more property, I could bring my horse down here, be able to have one milking goat, and any other animals I’d like.  Plus, our dogs would love having more property to run on, and I could have a bigger garden to help with our dream of self-sufficiency.  I’ve always wanted to live in a house with woods on the property and room to run.

However, I think it’s kind of silly to swap our house for another of the same price.  Of course, I went online today to do some searching and I came across a house that’s listed for less than we should be able to sell ours for that has three bedrooms plus one bath (one less than our current house) but is on almost four and a half acres.  Swoon. Of course, it looks like it needs some minor home improvement on the inside, and I’m willing to do it myself.  After all, I’ve spent the past almost four years installing new flooring, tiling, painting, and replacing trim in this house.  I can pretty much do any home improvements I want to do as long as I have the proper tools.

I love the idea of moving into a new house, especially one that has property that we really could use and start to live out our dreams.  Our current house is awesome, but isn’t conducive to our dreams.

Benefits of Selling Our House and buying a new one

-We’d be able to have a farm with animals and have a huge garden that we’d be able to grow more of our own food.  I’d be able to have a goat to milk, chickens for eggs, and bring my horse down here to live with me.

-I’d have a new challenge with painting and remodeling the house.  I could decorate it completely different than our current house if I so desired.

-I’d have property to have all the animals my heart desires!  I’d be living my dream!

-We could possibly get a lower rate on a new mortgage (with a shorter term than we currently have) and put more money down so we have more equity than we currently have.

Drawbacks of Selling and Moving

-It would cost us money.  We don’t know how much we could get for our current house.  We’d have to pay closing costs for a new mortgage which could run us $3,000 or so.

-We’d have to stress about getting this house 100% sale ready, work on showing it, keeping it clean, etc.  Then we’d be stressed about selling it.  Plus, who knows how long it would take to sell.

-I don’t know how long we’ll live in this state.  With Mr. Money’s job, we’re pretty sure we’ll be here at least another two years.  A part of me wants to make the most of the time and maybe even stay longer by buying this new house that’s more suited for our needs.  Another part of me thinks it’s crazy to even consider this at all.

Tonight I think this is a fabulous idea and I’m ready to start packing to move to my dream property.  The realistic part of me thinks of how crazy of an idea it sounds, and maybe we should not even consider it and focus on our current house instead.

Do you think it’s silly I’m thinking about selling our house and buying a new one?

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16 thoughts on “I Want to Sell my House by Owner and Buy a New House

  1. Jessica07 says:

    I think the peace of mind you’ll receive from being able to go outdoors and enjoy your chickens will more than make up for the price difference. 🙂 Sometimes paying more now will save you in the long run.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Jessica07- I’m worried that we won’t get enough money out of our house or it will take forever to sell. I think we will probably end up staying put for a little while until we’re 100% sure. I’m bummed I won’t have more property soon! 🙁


    isa Reply:

    I like your blog but there is one down side that has made me tune out a lot; you seem to very often put money waaaay before happiness. I get the importance of being financially responsible but I think IMHO that you often cheat yourself just to save. I’d rather have sufficient and modest savings but live happily and in sync with my values than maximize my money but sacrifice a lot of what makes me happy. just my opinion.


  2. Heather says:

    You seem … unsettled. Not just from this post, but as a theme in recent months. If you can nail down what in your life is leading you not to be content with your life as it is, that might better help you more than all of the financial analysis in the world.


  3. Little House says:

    All I know is that I just finished a move and am exhausted! Remember to factor in the physical parts into your move; I know your a good 10 years younger than me but it’s still really tiring!


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Little House- I didn’t really consider the physical part of moving. I think we should stay put for a little while longer. It would cost too much to move and I don’t know if it would be worth it (unless we were moving closer to family).


  4. Kacie says:

    I think I agree with Heather. It seems like some of the time, you are ready to stay put, and other times you are really homesick and want to move closer to family.

    I think it’s good to sort out which of those possibilities you want to pursue.

    It’s ok to buy a different house that’s roughly the same price as your current house, if a new house would fit your needs that much better.

    But I’m just not getting the feeling you’re settled there. Are you?


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Kacie- It’s weird because I don’t feel really settled here because I know we won’t be here forever. My house feels like home, but the state does not. Does that make sense?

    I know I would enjoy living with more property to have our animals, but it’s also going to be further out in the country than we are now, and we’d have to pay a lot of money to sell our house and buy a new one. I think it would make better sense to stay here for a little while longer. 🙁


  5. Budgeting in the Fun Stuff says:

    I’m with the couple of other commenters that said that you may want to evaluate what you really want from life overall since you seem torn. I know how you feel because I am bouncing all over the place in my head about a new job, staying here, blogging full time and surviving on my husband’s job, etc, BUT try not to make decisions until you are more sure about your overall happiness. Hahaha, I’ll slow down if you will. 🙂


    Mrs Money Reply:

    BIFS- The bouncing all over the place sucks! I totally know what you mean. I’d love to blog full time and I get so stressed when I don’t have posts scheduled, etc. I’ve finally had to tell myself that worrying myself sick isn’t going to help any.

    We need to help each other! 😉


  6. Financial Samurai says:

    What about just borrowing some chickens and playing with them in your backyard on the weekends? Sounds like a lot of hassle otherwise!


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Sam- I think we’re going to reevaluate chickens in the spring and go from there. I think we’ll just keep the new place as a goal to work towards when we know where we want to live for a really long time!


  7. 101 Centavos says:

    Mrs. Money, sometimes it’s not the size of the inside, but the size of the outside that matters. Room to breathe and raise all the animals, fruit trees and vegetables you can stand. The moving costs and stress may be short term, but the self-sufficiency dream is for longer term. My wife and I just purchased a small piece of rural property. If it wasn’t for the kids and their school and friends, we’d move there next week.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    101 Centavos- I know I would be happier there with property and such, but I know that I won’t live there forever, so I don’t know if it really makes sense right now. 🙁 Congrats on purchasing your property. That’s awesome!


  8. Frugal Babe says:

    Hmmmm… this sounds familiar 🙂 My husband and I loved our first home, and had planned to stay there forever. But the yard ended about eight feet from our door, and when we started getting into gardening, we realized that our space was a serious limitation. So we took the plunge and moved 60 miles away to a small town where we were able to get a house with 3/4 of an acre, for the same price we sold our old house. Not that it was an even trade – Realtor fees and closing costs set us back about $20,000 and it took us nearly a year of living here before we had our mortgage back down to the level it had been at when we sold our old house. But we’re happily settled here, and it was definitely one of the better decisions we’ve made. I would say sleep on it for a while. Give yourselves a month or so to ponder and discuss it, and then see what you come up with.
    If you do decide to sell, one thing I would recommend – even if you’re doing FSBO – is a home stager. We thought we had our home perfectly sale-ready, and then our realtor brought in a stager who gave us a huge list of things to do. It was amazing what a difference her suggestions made (we spent a full weekend implementing them, but not much money thanks to DIY and thrift stores), and our house sold after just a few days on the market.


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