I Want to Sell my House ASAP.


I need your help.  I need to be talked out of some crazy ideas I have in my head.  I know this is the perfect place to do so because I have a bunch of frugal friends that will bring me back to reality.

I want to sell my house.  Like, yesterday.  I am tired of owning a house and all the work that comes with it (painting, maintenance, replacing flooring, etc.).  I am tired of having projects not done around here (missing baseboards, thresholds).  I just want to go back to renting and not have to worry about a huge monthly payment for some place to live and I want to stop worrying about how much my house is worth (Zillow doesn’t work for my house) and I just want to be closer to family.

Coincidentally, I want to move back to Colorado, where Mr. Money’s family is located.  This poses so many problems it’s not even funny.  For starters, we both have good paying, stable (as they can be) jobs right now.  We should just be thankful for that.  And we are.  We’re fortunate that we can pay our mortgage.  We’re lucky that we’ve got property to grow our own garden and hang clothes out to dry and have privacy that we thought we’d never be able to afford.  We are only 5 hours from my parents versus the 20 hours we were when we were in Colorado.  There are just so many things going well but my heart always wanders back out West.

There are so many things I worry about if we were truly going to move back there.  I feel that it’s just a dream; that it’s something that will never really happen.  The cost of living is so much more out there.  We’d take a loss on our house if we sold it soon.  I am afraid we wouldn’t be able to buy a house out there because they are so expensive.  What if we couldn’t find good paying jobs?  We’d now be 20 hours away from my parents.  And while I love Mr. Money’s family, it’s still not my family.

I’m just crazy.  Then again, we could really make it happen if we wanted to.  We could live with his mom until our house could sell at a good price.  We could live with her rent free (she has an apartment attached to her house) and then rent our house here to someone.  I’d hate to do that because I’m sure it would be quite the headache, but we could do it if we wanted to.

Someone talk some sense into me, please?   

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11 thoughts on “I Want to Sell my House ASAP.

  1. Kacie says:

    Sounds like you’re dealing with a few issues here. Maybe you could take things step by step instead of trying to make a bunch of changes all at once.

    First, you don’t like the hassles of owning a house.

    This probably isn’t the best time to try to sell, but it might not be as bad as you think.

    What if you prepped your house for sale and sold it and then moved into an apartment in your area to rent for awhile?

    Then, you could scope out the job market in Colorado. You say you’re worried about being able to afford a house, but you don’t like home ownership anyway so you could probably rent there, yeah?

    Whatever you do, don’t be miserable!


  2. DeLane says:

    My two cents: You are talking about HUGE changes in your life. Give yourself a date about 2 or 3 months from now as a change date. Then, go ahead and check into what your house would sell for, could you get comparable jobs in CO, etc. See if you still have the same feelings on your change date as you do now. Sometimes feelings change – don’t make major decisions based on them!


  3. Deirdre says:

    I don’t blame you at all – I’m in Colorado right now for a 3-week visit, and as usual when I’m here, thinking seriously about moving here. As to home ownership, I am so glad that I rent a cute little apartment that I don’t have to do anything with as far as upkeep. Owning a home is not necessarily more cost-effective than renting — this is something that’s addressed in “Your Money or Your Life.”


  4. Fit Wallet says:

    I completely understand your sentiments. I like owning my home, but I wish we hadn’t bought this particular house. I have horrendous neighbors who are constantly grating on my nerves, and we have a huge repair looming over our heads. We planned for this to be our “starter house” and to sell within 5-7 years, but now that prices are down so far, we probably won’t recoup our investment for a while yet.

    Unfortunately, I just have to ride it out for now. We’re lucky, in many respects–we can afford our mortgage, we have a roof over our heads (even if it’s leaky!), and our neighborhood will appreciate over time. Being patient is not my best skill, though!


  5. Miss M says:

    It’s a terrible time to sell, my parents have had their house on the market for over a year and have dropped the price $150,000. You are competing against foreclosures and desperate sellers. If you moved before selling it you’ll have to pay rent and the mortgage, many people who have tried this recently have fared very badly. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan for the move you want to make, just that you shouldn’t rush into it. What can you do to improve your current happiness. What steps can you take to eventually move back to Colorado. I find having a plan helps soothe some of my anxiety.


  6. Mrs Money says:

    Kacie- I am aware it’s “all or nothing” with me, lol. I definitely need to work on that. I don’t like having to do all the “manly” things. My hubby works so much that he’s hardly home, which forces me to do things such as replace flooring, baseboards, etc. Of course, I could pay someone to do it but I am too cheap! I guess if I had a house that was a “one and done” I’d be happy. Of course, the mortgage would reflect that too, so I wouldn’t be happy about that. I think I need to be happy with what I have and realize that things aren’t perfect and are never going to be. I do think your idea is a great one. Mr. Money and I are going to talk about it more when we get a chance. Thanks for your suggestions!

    DeLane- Thanks for your comment! We are actually planning a vacation out there next month so I think that will help.

    Deirdre- I am so jealous! Another reason I want to move out there is that people are more health conscious than where we live now. I feel like I fit in better out there. I’ll have to check out that book. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Fit Wallet- I can agree with you on a lot of that! Thankfully we love our neighbors so that’s not a problem. We planned on staying here at least two years thinking we’d at least break even when we went to sell. Of course that’s not the case now. I’m thankful too that we can pay our mortgage!

    Miss M- Thanks so much for your insight! That is crazy your parents had to drop $150K!! Wow. We wouldn’t have to pay rent out there because we could live in his mom’s MIL apartment. At least we wouldn’t have that expense. Sometimes I just think I shouldn’t upset the apple cart! I think Mr. Money and I need to sit down and come up with a solid plan. Thanks!


  7. Deirdre says:

    Oh gosh, yes, “Your Money or Your Life” is the absolute Bible of simple, frugal living. It’s worth buying because it’s such a good long-term resource. It puts everything in perspective. There’s a new edition out this year, actually. It will help clarify everything…


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