I Saved Money on my Car Insurance by NOT Switching!


The other day my car insurance came due and I decided to call to see if I would get a discount for paying in full for six months versus paying monthly. We’ve always had our auto insurance automatically deducted from our checking account, and I recently noticed that they’ve been charging us a $2 fee to do so. I thought that was stupid, considering we could pull the six months of car insurance out of savings if we needed to and then just pay it in full.

When I talked with the customer service representative, I was informed that my new premium for six months would be $846.82. We had been paying $744 for six months. Our insurance went up over $100 for no reason! I was so mad. I asked her why that had happened, because we have had no tickets, accidents, etc. (Knock on wood) She said something about the state we live in and blah blah blah and I told her that I would hate to have to switch insurance companies because I really liked them, but I’d obviously have to shop around. She then started asking me a series of questions to see if she could get our premium lowered.

We got a discount for multiple car (which makes no sense, because we’ve always had multiple cars with them), homeowners (we’ve owned for over two years), and some other things I can’t remember. She got it down to $727.39, which is actually less than we were paying before! I am so happy. I didn’t even have to shop around.  I’m still thinking about doing it because we’ve got excellent credit, but I don’t want a bunch of inquiries on my credit report.

I’m going to be transferring $133 a month to a special savings account so that next time it’s due I can just transfer it from there into my checking account and pay it.   I think that’s a good plan, and I feel much better knowing that I am not getting ripped off.  I’m happy.  It works for me!

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