I Quit the Job Hunt!


nurse.jpgI’ve decided for many reasons that I’m not continuing my job hunt. Of course, if someone called me and was going to offer me a spectacular job, I wouldn’t turn them down. I’ve just decided that I’m not going to be aggressive in searching for a new job. Why? There are a few reasons.

I got bad news from the doctor on Wednesday. The biopsy surgery that I had two weeks ago came back severely abnormal. This is the second time I’ve had this type of surgery, and it was supposed to get rid of the precancerous cells. Both times. To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. I’m pretty much heartbroken and a mess. But, I’m going to get through it and I will be stronger after I have this surgery. There’s a reason for everything, right? I just don’t want to be changing jobs and then get hired on somewhere and my insurance won’t cover my “pre extisting condition”. That would stink. Also, I’ve met my out of pocket deductible for my health insurance this year. I’d have to start all over again somewhere else. That doesn’t sound like fun to me!

My salary plus bonuses is an amount I’m pretty happy with. Of course, I’d love a raise, but who wouldn’t? I figure if I can tough it out for another year or so, maybe I’ll be able to go part time when we have children. I’d love to pay down more debt and save as much as we can. With me sticking it out in my current position, that will give us enough money to be able to do that. We just have to be very dedicated! We can do it.

I’m used to my current job, I know the ins and outs, and I can carpool with co workers to save money. I am comfortable in what I do and where I work.  Why change it?

The ultimate reason is for the health insurance, of course.  If something horrible happens to me (which I really hope it doesn’t) then I know I am covered by my current health insurance.  Thank God for that! I’m going to keep plugging away, doing the best I can, and hopefully will come out of this stronger than before.  I’m going to “keep on keeping on”!

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4 thoughts on “I Quit the Job Hunt!

  1. Tiffany says:

    I am sorry to hear about the bad doctor news. I hope all goes well and you are in my prayers. These things are bad to hear, but you’ll get through it.


  2. The Conscious Snob says:

    I hope things turn out okay with your latest medical issues. I’m in the same position where I am looking for another job, but am wondering if I should just stick with this job for another year, as I plan to move around that time. It’s good pay, I know what I am doing, and there is still room for me to grow. However, I feel that maybe I can learn more or get an even better learning experience if I change to a new area in my field.


  3. Mrs Money says:

    Tiffany- Thank you very much! I appreciate all the thoughts and prayers I can get! 🙂

    The Concious Snob- Thank you! It’s such a hard decision and I am actually sad but I know it’s for the best right now.


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