I Gave up Makeup Cold Turkey


200476652-001.jpgA few months ago, I was decided I wanted to research what was in makeup.  I looked through many different brands; organic, mineral makeup, and others.  I used to be a die hard Bare Escentuals (Bare Minerals) fan.  Then I discovered Everyday Minerals, which got rave reviews on a message board I’m on.  I ordered some samples over six months ago, loved them, and then decided I was going to stop using them.  I gave up makeup altogether.

What’s the big deal about a little makeup?  Not much, if you don’t mind a little foreskin in your cosmetics. Truthfully, that wasn’t what made me decide to give up makeup. What was the deciding factor for me was that the skin is the largest organ, and everything you put on it is absorbed into your blood stream pretty quickly.  Plus, the makeup I was purchasing was costly too.  Even so, giving it up took a period of adjustment and I have been going without for over two months now.

One of the biggest obstacles for me was getting used to seeing myself without makeup in the morning.  I wasn’t a big makeup person to begin with; usually my beauty routine consisted of washing my face, applying a base powder, and then maybe some eyeliner.  That’s it.  No big deal, right?  I decided that if that’s all I was wearing, could anyone really tell?  Probably not.  It’s funny because when I told my boss I had stopped wearing makeup, she told me that she didn’t even know that I had been wearing makeup in the first place!

The only downfall I can see is that sometimes I get the “Are you old enough to work in a bank?!” question from my elderly customers.  It’s quite humorous, and I enjoy getting a little chuckle out of it.  We’ll see if I can still look like I’m 18 in a few years.  I hope so!

Do you wear makeup?  Have you ever thought about giving it up? 

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12 thoughts on “I Gave up Makeup Cold Turkey

  1. Kristin says:

    I wear mascara most often. If we’re going out, I feel the need to smooth out my splotchy complexion (I have keratosis pilaris on my cheeks, chin, upper arms, and thighs). We try to keep the house warmer in the summer and if I put on makeup it just melts right off and I have to reapply it. I’ve actually been looking at organic products since I’m not ready to completely give it up. I managed to get rid of most of my Mary Kay in order to do this! Can you suggest a brand?


  2. Catherine says:

    I never wear make-up. Besides the toxicity factors, I just never saw the point in covering up my face. I’m proud of who I am and what I look like and never had the need to pretend otherwise.


    Rachel Reply:

    That is EXACTLY how I feel. I stopped wearing make up when I had my second baby. I changed alot becoming a mother and I found I want to have my sons grow up and be with a woman who is real. I want to be real as well. Not just with others, but myself. If you put even the littlest bit of make up on, you are saying to yourself and others that you NEED that to look good. That you cant be flawless without it. I havent wore and never will wear makeup in seven months. I will never wear again. (Except halloween, a day you are someone else). I beleive those who give up make up are the beautiful ones and anyone who wears it, is missing something in life. Self esteem, pride, maybe.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Yes!! Isn’t that the truth? I am saddened to think of all the women that wear makeup because they feel they have to. I think all women are beautiful without makeup and shouldn’t have to mask that natural beauty!


  3. Heather says:

    I’ve never had perfect skin, and I used to wear make-up to try to hide it (even though I knew it was probably making it worse!) When my husband proposed I quit wearing make-up cold turkey. I wanted to give my face a chance to breath and clear before the wedding.

    My skin is so much better than it was in highschool (and birth control really helped too), but I think it still looked awful to me. But now I am totally comfortable going make-up free! I still love make-up though.

    Now I usually wear just eyeliner and mascara. I’ll wear eyeshadow if I’m feeling fancy. 🙂 I never wear foundation, and I can’t believe I ever did! It never worked anyways! It always just melted off my face making my oily skin look worse.

    I too get questioned about being ‘old enough’. Sometimes it is annoying, but if I still look 15 at 25 maybe when I’m 45 I’ll look 35.


  4. Mrs Money says:

    @ Kristin- Everyday Minerals is one of the best I have found. They are awesome because you can order samples and only pay for shipping! You can’t beat that. I also like the Larenim brand. I have their mascara and it rocks!

    @ Catherine- Yes!! That is one of the biggest benefits to not wearing makeup. I feel so much more like myself and like I’m not pretending to be someone else. It is quite liberating!

    @ Heather- I have a love affair with makeup. I love pretty eyeshadows, but I feel so fake wearing them sometimes. At least we will be beautiful when we are old! 🙂


  5. Miss M says:

    No! I’m not giving up my makeup. I’m one of those girls who changes dramatically with just a bit of makeup, going from a hag to not so bad in a few minutes. I’ve toned it down to the basics and no longer waste money by buying trendy but short lived colors. I used to spend a ton of money on make up and clothes, I’m too vain to probably ever give it up 😉


  6. cavewoman says:

    I hardly ever wear make-up….just a moisturizing lip gloss with sunblock, maybe mascara, and/or a highlight under the brow.

    It’s just enough to make me look awake, and since I’ve gone with a brand that the “skin deep” analyis group deems to be very clean, I feel pretty good about it.

    Alima is the brand.
    They aren’t easy to find—-you’d have to find them on the internet, but their materials are natural, and the containers are refillable and/or recyclable.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Thanks so much for the recommendation! I will definitely check them out. I love that their packaging is environmentally friendly too!


  7. Mrs. Accountability says:

    Ah-hah! I couldn’t remember where I’d originally read about the foreskin in the makeup products, and now I run across it on your blog. I wear eyeliner and mascara since I wear glasses, to bring my eyes out. Otherwise I look even more tired than I usually look. LOL.


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