I Don’t Have a Cell Phone

Posted by Mrs Money on September 27th, 2013


I left my job at the bank in January of 2012 before Penny was born. Mr. Money was working for a restaurant and they provided him with a cell phone (an iPhone) that they paid the bill for.  When he lost his job, he obviously lost the previously paid-for cell phone plan.  This left us with a dilemma: we needed to figure out what we were going to do about our cell phone service.  Prior to him having that job, we both had Motorola Razrs (ha!) that we had on a family plan with Verizon.  The phones served their purpose and we had a basic plan. We’ve thought about starting our own business and then we could use both phones for that, but once we realized the importance of business loans we squashed that idea.

Mr. Money became spoiled by the iPhone and wanted to keep the phone active.  We checked with various providers and the plans were around $80 a month, a lot more than I wanted to spend. We discussed putting both of us on a family plan again but I was hesitant to sign a two year contract.  That feels like debt to me, and I don’t like contracts or debt.  The best idea was for Mr. Money to take over my phone number and use his iPhone.

We ended up going with a prepaid option that costs about $45 a month and has unlimited talk, text, and web.  He was able to keep his iPhone so there was no cost for the phone.  The service works great and the only thing we have to do is remember to refill the phone each month.  He receives a text when it’s seven days from coming due, so that is very helpful.

I have no had a cell phone for about nine months now.  I won’t lie, there are some days that I would love to have a smart phone so I could look up something (remember when I was considering getting an iPhone?) or be able to text a friend.  Overall though, it doesn’t bother me and the savings are definitely worth it.

We have a home phone, internet access, and I have an old iPhone I use as an iPod sometimes so it’s not like I need a cell phone.  It is kind of weird to meet new friends and they’ll ask for my number to text and I have to explain that I don’t have a cell phone.  Sometimes I do worry about not having one for emergencies, like when I’m out shopping with Penny, but a lot of the time my sister or Mr. Money are with me so no big deal.  I’ve considered going with a prepaid phone but right now I don’t want to have the added expense so I just do without.

I’m sure I’m in the minority of thirty year olds that don’t have a cell phone.  I figure that people lived without them for so many years that I am able to as well.  I’m not against cell phones, but right now I feel like it’s something that I can do without to save my family money.

Could you live without a cell phone?


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9 Responses to “I Don’t Have a Cell Phone”

  1. Mary Jane says:

    Kudos to you for doing without! Two of my biggest pet peeves include cell phones: when you see a group of people together on their phones instead of interacting with the others directly in front of them AND when you see someone texting while driving. It can wait!


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Mary Jane- I completely agree with you on both parts! 🙂


  2. TF says:

    You might check out ZACT. I had an I-phone also and was tired of the cost and the contract. I don’t use my phone that much but wanted one for emergencies. I did my homework and came up with Zact and my bill is now ten to fifteen dollars per month after I bought my smart phone. Cheap, and gives me peace of mind. (And, no, I don’t work for them.)


    Mrs Money Reply:

    TF- Thank you! I’ll have to look into them. I appreciate it!


  3. My cell phone bill continues to go up. I had it down to around $80 and now back up to $100. Decided it was time to check other cell carriers and so the hunt starts. I don’t think at this point I could live without a cell phone.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    ThePhroogalJason- What a pain. I feel like that is how the cable bill always is. They are always throwing on extra fees and such. It’s ridiculous.


  4. Mike Collins says:

    I only got my first iPhone last year, we held out as long as we could with our old flip phones for texting/calling. It has actually saved me a lot of money in the form of discounts and coupons. One local restaurant has an app that saves us 10 percent every time we eat there.

    That said, you get use to what you have. If I couldn’t have the phone for a while it would be an adjustment. I do like having it for emergencies though, I wouldn’t want my wife driving around without it.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Mike- Wow! That’s awesome you save 10% at a restaurant with an app! I do agree- I love when Mr. Money has his iPhone and I can play with it. It does come in handy for maps and such when driving. Plus, it can entertain Penny in a pinch 🙂

    I think having one for emergencies is a great idea and hopefully we’ll find a solution for me soon!


  5. Kevin Watts says:

    I don’t think I could go without my mobile phone for any length of time! I use it almost constantly for various different reasons. Maybe I could cut down the usage and go with a cheaper plan to save some money in the future.


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