“I Can’t Save Enough Money”


Lately I’ve kind of been a Debbie Downer when it comes to money. I feel like we aren’t saving enough and we have all these things that we should be saving for.  Almost two years ago I quit my job to become a stay at home mom.  I don’t regret that decision one bit and I’ve enjoyed my new job of being a wife and mom tremendously.  I love my husband and daughter more that I ever thought possible.  That doesn’t mean that things are always perfect though, and I struggle with the lack of a second income (especially now that Mr. Money had a pay cut) as well as having to be on a strict budget.  Truth be told, I don’t like living on a budget; I like to go out to eat when I want and make trips to Target to bask in the fabulousness that is Target and not worry.  However, if choosing not to do those things and being aware of where our money goes is what I have to do right now, then I will.  Things could always be much worse.

I have been really overwhelmed with feeling like we’re not saving money lately.  There are many things we need to have money for: a new roof, windows, Penny’s education, our retirement, and paying down our mortgage faster than on schedule.  I need to come up with a plan so that I can set it and forget it.

I think one of my big problems is I read about these people that are completely debt free (some including their mortgage!) and I feel like we should be doing better.  I hear about people that are my age and have over $100,000 in their retirement/investment portfolios. I feel like we’re behind in so many ways and that we’ll never be able to catch up.  Sometimes I think social media and the internet are both a blessing and a curse.

I guess I do need to give us some credit: we have made it two years with me being a stay at home mom and we haven’t depleted our savings account 😉  That is a good thing!  I need to relax about money and enjoy the time that I spend with my family.  I am grateful for everything we have and I am very glad that I did spend many years working and saving money to be able to do this.

What do you do to not worry about money? 

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6 thoughts on ““I Can’t Save Enough Money”

  1. dojo says:

    Don’t worry about the others, worry about yourself.

    We are debt free and want to save money, which doesn’t happen each month. As you can guess it drives me nuts. But at the same time I learnt that no 2 months are alike. If we weren’t able to save too much in October and November (had a lot of unexpected expenses), I saved 80% of my earnings in December (which is usually the month when all budgets go bust).

    Just take it day by day. Make a conscious effort to be a little more frugal and save when you can. When it’s not possible, just manage debt and the expenses, you’ll clearly have better months, when you can save again more. 🙂


    Mrs Money Reply:

    dojo- You are exactly right. I don’t need to compare myself to others. I think it would be easier if I didn’t read other blogs 🙁

    Thanks so much for your positivity! It really makes me feel better!!


  2. jim says:

    when we had a young family, money was really, really tight – and we weren’t even trying to save a lot, kill the mortgage, etc. we were just trying to survive. the single, most important thing that got me out of the ” i’m not doing enough” state of mind was to say a prayer (literally) after every check i wrote for whatever bill. i was sooooooooooo grateful that we were able to pay whatever bill we had and that brought joy to my heart and made the worries go away. gratitude and counting your blessings many times every day will serve you very, very well.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    jim- I think my problem is I’m too ambitious sometimes, like I want to be mortgage free and have $500,000 in retirement already. I need to do the best I can and be happy with it. Thanks so much for your kind words!


  3. jim says:

    mrs. money – i hear you. i don’t know that i’m too ambitious but i do know for a fact that i am too impatient. i want our mortgage dead so bad i can taste it. we just got serious about killing it a year ago so we started seriously over paying it. by the end of 2013 we had surpassed our rather ambitious goal (still haven’t figured out exactly how we did that). we are on a 3 year plan, but once i saw that we beat our goal i wanted to shave another year off of it. spouse finally talked some sense into me saying that we actually would really need some $ for food – ha! i completely understand where you’re coming from. the only thing that helps me is that looking forward from jan 2013 – dec 2013 things looked soooooooooo hard and long. looking back on it – time flew by. i’m trying to stay focused on that. best of luck!


    Mrs Money Reply:

    That is so awesome! You have to let me know when your mortgage is paid off. I would feel the same way- can’t wait for that to be gone, especially when you are so close!


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