How You Can Easily Save Money on Motoring


Are your motoring costs rocketing? If motoring is becoming too expensive, here are a few quick tips that will help save you money.  

Save Money on Car Parking

Nowadays, drivers can easily save money on car parking by making use of handy apps like Parkopedia and YourParkingSpace.  These apps can be used UK-wide to enable drivers to find cost-effective parking in a number of cities.  This includes Cardiff, Bristol, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, London, Leeds and more!

Parkopedia offers price information on every car park within a local area, enabling you to check the cost of parking before arriving at your destination. YourParkingSpace allows you to go one step further and book a space via their pre-book parking feature, so you’ll know that you’ve paid for and reserved a space before you’ve even left the house.   

Use Economical Tyres

Does your vehicle need new tyres?  While it might be tempting to pick the cheapest option, this can sometimes prove to be a costly mistake in the long run.

The cheapest tyre options are known not to perform as well as expensive tyres as they can increase the time it takes for your vehicle to stop.  Also, cheaper tyre options can have an impact on your fuel economy and require more frequent replacement. Most people are unaware that every tyre will come with an EU tyre label.  Any tyre that is sold in the UK will be fitted with this specific label.  

A tyre that has an ‘A’ rating will minimise the energy lost through the tyre, whereas a G rating is the worst performing tyre.  This option will increase fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Research indicates that a good quality, energy-saving tyre can help to improve your fuel economy.  This can help slash money off your yearly fuel bill, which will help offset the increased costs associated with premium tyre brands.

When the time comes to change your types, the company Tyres On The Drive offers a nice solution, bringing the tyres to your car, saving you a trip to your local garage.

Don’t Purchase Premium Fuel

As a driver, you will have likely notice ‘premium’ fuels when topping up your tank with petrol or diesel. Retailers claim that ‘premium’ fuels offer both economic and performance advantages, whilst keeping your engine clean and protected.  

In reality, unless you’re the kind of driver that owns a specific performance vehicle, you won’t really see any real improvements by using a higher cetane or octane rating.  Drivers will, however, be paying up to 10p extra a litre for this premium product. If you are currently purchasing premium fuel, this could be a great way to cut costs.

Drive Gently in the Cold

When your car is cold, it will be operating at its lowest efficiency levels.  If you drive fast as soon as your car starts, you’ll be wasting fuel and wearing out your engine more quickly.  If you show your engine a little sympathy, you’ll quickly see a difference in the amount of money you’re shelling out for fuel.

Hunt Out Cheap Fuel Deals

While saving pennies per litre may not sound like a lot of money, this can quickly add up over the year.  Plus, with rising fuel prices, even penny savings can help. Taking the time to find the cheapest fuel options via will help save you money.  Get to know the different petrol stations near your home and make sure to make a note of their price per litre when driving past.  In some areas, you’ll see a difference of a few pence from petrol stations on the same street. This definitely makes a small detour worthwhile.  

Check Your Tyre Pressure Regularly

This quick and simple check can save you a lot of money in the long run.  Under-inflated tyres can ultimately use up to 6% more fuel. That averages out at an additional 26 miles from a standard 60-litre fuel tank.  

Haggle on Car Insurance

More often than not, car insurance will be one of the biggest motoring costs for drivers.  A large number of drivers can save money on their car insurance by refusing your auto-renewal quote.  Rather than accepting the auto-renewal price, if you take the time to call your insurer you could potentially haggle your current insurance price and reduce it.

It’s often worth doing a bit of research to see how your current quote and benefits compare against other car insurance providers, which can be done on sites like MoneySuperMarket.  Some of the factors that can help influence your insurance premium include your car type, where you keep your car overnight, your driving experience, your age, the area you live in and your claims history.  While you can’t change your personal circumstances, you could make savings on your insurance by cutting down on the number of miles you drive or storing your car in the garage.

All of these handy tips can help you save money on motoring.

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