How to Text From a Computer


I don’t have texting on my cell phone. Neither does Mr. Money. It’s not something that we want to spend money on. I have come up with a solution to my problem.  I learned how to text from a computer to phone.  Of course, this only works when I have access to my email, but it saves me time and money and that makes me happy.

How to Text from Email

First off, you need to figure out which carrier the text recipient uses.  All wireless carriers use different addresses.  The cell phone companies basically assign an email address to each user’s account using their cell phone number.  As long as you know someone’s cell phone carrier and their phone number, you can text from email.

How to text Sprint from Email

Sprint’s text message email address is [phonenumber]

How to text Verizon from Email

Verizon’s text message email address is [phonenumber]  With Verizon, users can customize their text email address so they could be if they so desire.

How to text AT &T from Email

AT&T’s text email address is [phonenumber]  Of course, many people on AT&T’s network utilize the Apple iPhone, so they may receive their email on their phone from their normal email address.

How to text T Mobile from Email

T Mobile’s text email address is [phonenumber]

Now you know how to text from a computer!  Not only can you save money this way, you can also waste time when you’re bored texting your friends from your own email address.  😉

Have you heard of texting from email?  Do you use text messaging on your cell phone?

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5 thoughts on “How to Text From a Computer

  1. Catherine says:

    I do this, too! I sit at a computer all day for my job and my boyfriend has a TracFone (free incoming text messages) so it is easy for me to just zip off a quick message to him – which is free for both of us! 🙂 He can reply back (for 1/3 of a “unit”) and it goes right to my e-mail. So easy!


  2. Deedee says:

    I had never heard of this! I can definitely see myself doing this. I am wondering, however, how do people respond to your text? I mean, does it come back to you as an email? Also, what if someone wants to originate a text to me? How do they do that to get it to go to my computer instead of to my phone? Sorry, I’m obviously not really tech savvy.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Deedee- It does come back to you as an email. They’ll receive it to their phone as a text and then respond via text. If they want to send a text to your email address, all they have to do is compose a new text using your email address as the recipient! Pretty cool, huh?


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