How to Make Money Blogging

Posted by Mrs Money on January 28th, 2008


Join Associated Content One of the things I have been doing on the side for income is writing articles for Associated Content. I enjoy writing, and I get paid for it. What’s really cool is that I normally can take a post I’ve written here and post it there as well. It’s great because I get paid for it, and I get more exposure to this website!

How it works:

Write an article about something you are knowledgeable on.

I typically write about a money issue that’s been on my mind lately, or something that I feel strongly about that I can share with people.

Post that article on your blog, but also post it on Associated Content.

Now you’ve not only shared information with your readers, but you’ve also got a pretty good chance at making some money.

Associated Content is great because they not only pay you upfront if you submit it for upfront payments, but they also pay you per 1000 views of the article.   In essence, you can make unlimited amounts of money here!  Now, I personally wouldn’t bank on that, but it’s a nice little source of extra income you don’t have to do much for.  Happy Blogging!

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2 Responses to “How to Make Money Blogging”

  1. Mr. Javo says:

    This is a nice website to earn money by writing and sharing articles but it only works for us civilians, thats the restriction. Instead, MyLot is very similar to this but you can be us civilian, chinese or even an alien and you will get accepted and paid by paypal 😀


  2. kim says:

    Thanks for posting details, I think I might try it. Most of the time my blog posts are just rambling but for $$ I’ll do better 🙂


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