How to Make Hair Conditioner


Have you ever wondered how to make hair conditioner? It’s super easy, frugal, and fun!  A couple times a week I like to do a deep conditioning treatment to my hair. Of course I want something all natural and simple, so I make it my own all natural hair conditioner.

How to make hair conditioner

You only need minimal ingredients:

-1 small Avocado

-2 Tablespoons of coconut oil

You want to cut the avocado in half from top to bottom.  Remove the pit (you can compost it) and scoop the avocado from the rind into a bowl.  Add in your two tablespoons of coconut oil and mash with a fork until well blended.  From there, massage the mixture into your hair.  Leave it in your hair for about half an hour, then shampoo out.

The avocado contains vitamins, oils, and hair strengthening proteins.  Coconut oil is moisturizing and enhances shine.  Even if you “no poo” shampoo, this works well.  You may want to use a little less coconut oil though!

Do you use hair conditioner, or skip it? Do you think it’s a waste of money?

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5 thoughts on “How to Make Hair Conditioner

  1. Sue says:

    I do use conditioner – my hair is very fine and I don’t have much of it and I want to keep what I have in good condition. In addition, we’re about to move to the desert (literally), so I’m going to need all of the extra conditioner I can get.

    But I also use CO regularly. CO is the ONLY oil that bonds with the keratin in the hair and truly nourishes it – I put a small amount all through my hair a couple of times per month and leave it on for 30-60 minutes. Then I wash it out and style as usual. After I do this, my hair feels SO good – so soft and the curls are gorgeous.

    I also use CO as a “finisher” on my hair – my fingertips, dipped in CO, give me just enough for my long, curly hair to give it extra control for frizzies (b/c Michigan is known for humidity and more humidity) and to allow it to curl (scrunch) better.

    So yeah, I use both conditioner and CO – but everyone’s got to do what works for their hair, right? And this works for mine and permits me to keep more of my hair on top of my head and not falling out and down the drain. 😉


  2. Money Funk says:

    And I have a whole jar of cocnut oil I was going to use for my indian and raw food treats, but I just haven’t gotten around to. And since I was looking for a deep conditioning treatment {coincidence this post came out at the same time I was looking?}… I will use the CO for this method and give it a try. thx!


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