How to Fix Appliances Yourself and Save Tons of Money


The other day, our dryer quit working how it’s supposed to.  We have an LG dryer that we bought to go with our washing machine when we bought our house ten years ago.  It has a special sensor that can tell when the clothes are dry, and I love it! There is no guessing and no over drying clothes, which leads to tons of static.  I had put a load of wet clothes into the dryer, set it on “normal”, and went about my business doing my chores.  After about an hour (much longer than usual), I went to check on it and discovered the dryer said it had six minutes remaining in the cycle.  I stopped it, opened the dryer, and found the clothes were beyond dry and hot.  I figured it was a fluke, put in the next load, and then continued doing what I was doing.  The same thing happened- I went down to check on them and saw again that the dryer was displaying six minutes left in the cycle.  Gah. Not good.  I freaked out, thought we would have to call our a repairman or buy a new dryer, both which would cost us money that I’d rather not spend.  I got the brilliant idea to try to fix the dryer ourselves, and went about trying to come up with a solution.

How to fix appliances yourself and save tons of money

Search the problem

This is my first step- diagnosing what the problem is. Many times, others have had the same experience and have gone looking for advice on how to fix it. I searched “LG dryer stuck at six minutes” and plenty of results came up. I looked at some of the links and found out that most likely the sensor in the dryer was dirty and needed to be cleaned. Easy! Not to mention, it would save us so much money versus calling out a repair person.

Look for videos on how to fix it

With this particular problem, it seemed pretty straightforward on how to fix it: take apart the dryer lint trap, remove all the lint, clean the sensor, and put it back together. It didn’t seem necessary to look for a video. However, a few weeks ago Mr. Money had to replace a door handle on our 2005 Ford Freestyle and got hung up on one step. He searched for a video on YouTube, found one, and the repair was successful! There is such a wealth of knowledge available on the internet today.

Shop on Amazon or eBay

When in need of parts, Amazon or eBay are my go-to to find replacements. When I needed the door handle, the first place I looked was Amazon. Luckily, there was a seller that had a prime eligible item and I ordered it and had it shipped to my house in two days!  So easy.  A few years ago, I needed a laundry detergent cup dispenser for my LG washing machine. I looked on eBay and found one for a lot less than the local appliance store. I like ordering things online, especially with kids, because it’s so much easier than going to the store to get it.

Fix it!

Generally, after all the above steps, I have a pretty good idea on how to repair the issue at hand. If I get stuck, I repeat one of the steps until I have a better clue as to how to fix it. I have also found using message boards geared towards appliances/appliance repair has been very helpful if I’ve gotten stuck. There are so many nice people out there willing to help!

Hopefully these tips will help you repair your appliances yourself and avoid spending money unnecessarily. Have you tried to fix appliances yourself to save money?

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2 thoughts on “How to Fix Appliances Yourself and Save Tons of Money

  1. Mustard Seed Money says:

    I love that youtube has made it so that I can try to fix things first and call the repairman later if I screw it up. Most of the time I can fix it myself and the best part is it’s free to try b/c I don’t have any books to buy 🙂


    Mrs Money Reply:

    I agree! I’m very thankful that there are knowledgeable people that take the time to share on the internet.


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