How Much Would you Spend on your Pet?

Posted by Mrs Money on August 26th, 2009


lab.jpgWe have two dogs, a chocolate and black Labrador Retriever.  Since we don’t have any kids yet, they are like our children. Luckily, they are young and fairly healthy (knock on wood), so they don’t cost us too much money except for dog food each month. We can handle that.  We love them tremendously and enjoy their presence in our family.  I was talking to one of my friends yesterday about them, and she told me about her dachshund.  She told me she had to take off work on Monday because her dog was sick.  That was puzzling for me, but when she told me she had just spend $4,000 on surgery for him, I was dumbfounded.

$4,000 for back surgery on a dog?!  She then proceeded to tell me (over email) through three paragraphs how her dog is like her third child and she loves him more than some of her family members.  She said she would do anything for this dog, which is apparent with the $4,000 surgery.

Now, I love my dogs like anyone else, and I think they are the sweetest girls that I’ve ever met.  But to be honest, I don’t know if I could pay $4,000 for surgery on one of my dogs.  I think I’d probably be pretty sick over it if I had to.  It does make me wonder if I’m the bad one, or if she’s out in left field for spending that much money on her pet.

How much would you spend on your pet? Would you put a limit on it?

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16 Responses to “How Much Would you Spend on your Pet?”

  1. Chris says:

    For me, it would depend on how much income I was making. At my current level, I don’t think I would go over $500. If I was making a six figure income, then maybe….maybe I would spend more.

    I have had pets all my life. I love animals but I also realize that thats what they – animals. My last dog lived to be 13 yrs old, passed away this past January. The vet want to perform all these tests & procedures. I told him, I’m taking her home to died in comfort. I cried as I held her, and told her it was ok to go. I had to leave out of town the next day. My girlfriend told me my dog passed away within hours of me leaving.

    I still miss her but don’t regret not spending the thousands on her. She had lived a long life. She had probably traveled more than most people by plane, and had probably more interstate road miles too (we lived in Guam, Maryland, Florida, Colorado). I’m pretty confident that if there’s an afterlife for us & our pets, she’ll be more than happy to see when it’s my time.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Wow, she did have a great long life! That is the only bad thing about having a pet. I am glad you made a good decision that was right for you. That’s what it’s all about. 🙂


  2. H Lee D says:

    I wouldn’t spend $4K. I don’t know where my limit is, but it’s below that.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    I am afraid mine is too at this moment. I hope I never have to find out though!


  3. Phoebe says:

    I thought I had a hard limit, and I probably do, but it’s higher than I previously believed. I took my cat in to the vet early this year to discover the source of some issues she’s been having for a while (I had thought it was largely a behavioral issue at first.) All the way through the visit, the urinary analysis, and the x-ray, I told myself I had a hard limit. That if it was above (I think about $500), I’d have to figure out something else.

    And then the vet told me that she needed a bladder surgery that would bump the total bill up to approximately $1500 ($300 more than my emergency fund at the time) and I handed over my credit card without a second thought.
    (I paid off the max I could as soon as I could get home. Took me two more months to pay it off entirely.)

    If it had been a question of giving her an extra year of life, or that she might not make it, I might have gone a different way, but it was such a simple procedure.
    I’m responsible for her life. What can I say?


    Mrs Money Reply:

    I hope I am not faced with that decision any time soon. Luckily, both of our dogs are young. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!


  4. cavewoman says:

    If such an expense would give my animal a quality of life—and a prolonged one—then yes.

    If such an expense would do little for her overall health, then no.

    I have a great relationship with my vet. I’ve helped him place a few animals in good homes. He’s worked with me on expenses before—–either cut them down to something that JUST covers his expenses, or let me work out a payment plan.

    As a result, we saved the life of a GREAT kitty, who needed his leg fixed. It was $400.00—but he lives, and happily so. His owners were going to have him put down because that was expensive by their estimation. I didn’t think having a broken leg was good enough reason to lose this little guy’s life. He had a wonderful personality, and he was I rescued him, they managed to help me place him in the right home for him.

    If he had been very old, and riddled with other health problems, then I might have supported euthanasia. But saving him was the right thing to do.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    I am so thankful we have a great vet that is very reasonable. He was recommended to us by the breeder, and we’ve used him ever since. I am glad your kitty is doing well!


  5. cavewoman says:

    Oh, Pet Insurance is a great idea for those who need to minimize pet expenses!

    Look into it in your area and see if it’s feasible. It may be a great investment.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Thanks for the idea! I’ll have to check it out!


  6. Miss M says:

    Let’s see, dog #1 had emergency surgery and spent 5 days in the hospital – $3000. Add in all his other vet trips and we’re probably at $6000 in vet bills for him since we got him as a puppy and he has had various health issues over the years.

    Dog #2 had that $1000 broken toe nail incident earlier this year, he also has epilepsy and the yearly bloodwork is around $500. We’ve probably spent $3k – $4k on his vet bills. Other than the epilepsy he is quite healthy.

    Dog #3 required specialty laser surgery, that was $1600. We’ve had him for less than a year so I think that’s the only vet costs he has had.

    As you can see I can’t set a price on my pets lives, I’ve made the commitment to them for life and to me that includes medical care. If a procedure isn’t going to help them or improve quality of life, that is another story. All of my boys are still young (3 and 4) so I haven’t been faced yet with the end of life issues. As for keeping down the costs, know what issues your breed faces. dachsunds are known for having back problems, it’s related to their long, low slung look. You can’t buy a doxie and then refuse to help its back, it’s a known problem in the breed.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Whoa, girl! I hope the rest of your dogs’ lives are less expensive! Have you thought about getting insurance for them?


  7. Napp says:

    We just spent $3,000 on repairing a torn ligament in our min pin’s ankle and her post op physical therapy
    We adopted her in March and she came to us with a stump infection that required an emergency visit–$400
    She got her paws on an onion and ate the whole thing– $100 stomach pump
    She had a teeth cleaning– $300
    Plus her regular vet stuff–$175
    That is almost $4,000 in just 5 months of having her.

    My greyhound mix was an ongoing expense for the first 3 years we had him. He had horrible gastro problems and needed extensive testing. We have in all spent almost $5000 on his medical needs. He is now happy and healthy at age 4 with many years ahead of him.

    My Lab mix recently had a seizure and we spent over $400 for her emergency visit.

    Suffice it to say we are now going to get pet care insurance for all 3 of our dogs. Because if they need it we will get it done. It I think of it as our obligation to keep them healthy. It is what we signed up for when we decided to adopt them.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Wow. You guys are hard core! I will keep my fingers crossed you have much better health for your babies for the rest of the year! 🙂


  8. BellaScout says:

    Well, I must be strange…very strange. My Chihuahua has cost me $32,500.00 so far and she is only 3 years old! This little girl came home to me sick at 8 weeks old and has had issues ever since. She was a pet store puppy with pneumonia..then a year later developed a cervical ruptured disc, then the next year a ruptured disc in her back, then her knee joint gave out and needed a pin…then she developed an eating disorder and required surgery to remove foreign objects (more than one time). She has had 6 surgeries and many treatments. Some people think I am nuts, and others would do the same. I knew the day I took her home and realized my 1.5lb little baby was ill, that I had to go the long haul because no one else would. I knew if I gave her back or gave her up, no one would take care of her like I would. I feel when you take on the responsibility of a pet or a child, it is the same responsibility. They feel pain, they think, they love, they are living creatures made by God just like people are. I have to say, God has always provided me a way to save her.



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