How Much Does a Dental Implant Cost?


“How much does a dental implant cost?” is not a question I ever wanted to know the answer for.  However, last fall we found out first hand just how expensive a dental implant is. Mr. Money had a tooth that had become painful and he made a trip to our general dentist for an exam. She checked him out, decided he needed a root canal, and sent him to the endodontist.  The endodontist drilled through his tooth to discover it was too far abscessed and that it wasn’t able to receive a root canal but would need to be pulled instead.  The endodontist charged us about $200 for his discovery.

Mr. Money was then sent to Dentist Number Three, who was the tooth pulling dentist. He extracted the tooth, sent him home, and told him to come back in a few months for preparation for a dental implant.  This dentist charged us about $200 for the extraction.  Mr. Money asked about leaving the tooth spot empty and not receiving a dental implant but both Dentist Number One and Dentist Number Three said it would be better to receive a dental implant as teeth often move in the absence of other teeth.  Mr. Money went back to Dentist Number Three a few months later, and he started working on his dental implant.  He screwed a post into his jaw bone and sent him on his way.  This procedure cost us about $1720. Unfortunately, at this point we didn’t have dental insurance since as Mr. Money was unemployed.

About a month later, Mr. Money returned to our regular dentist for her to fit the crown part of the dental implant on.  I am estimating that cost about $300.  As of right now, Mr. Money has a fully functioning dental crown and we are now in debt to Dentist Number Three for about $1200 still, after making payments for the last few months.  We are thankful that the dentist is working with us on a payment plan!  I am estimating we will have him paid off in roughly a year. I think medical debt is probably the least fun debt you can accrue.

Honestly, I’m not worrying myself sick to get this paid off because it will get done when it will get done.  Right now, we’re paying $100 a month to the dentist, which is the best that we can do. I don’t like debt but at this point in our financial journey it is what it is.  It will eventually get paid off, and hopefully we won’t accrue any more debt any time soon.  We’re doing our best to make this happen, and we are both trying our hardest to brighten our financial future.  I’m hopeful that next year this time things look so much better!

The moral of this story is- take care of your teeth.  Brush, floss, and visit your dentist regularly to hopefully prevent anything terrible from happening.  I don’t think Mr. Money could have done much differently to prevent his tooth from becoming abscessed, but routine maintenance is always a good thing to do!  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

How do you feel about debt?  Are you currently working to get out of it?

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