How Much do Replacement Windows Cost?

Posted by Mrs Money on April 20th, 2011


We’re looking at doing some home improvements to our house: some new windows, a new stove, and just some general painting and repair.  This year we need to work on the exterior of the house since we’ve focused on remodeling the interior of the house over the past four years.  We decided that the best way to go about making all these repairs was to do one thing at a time.  That’s totally not how I like to roll, but it definitely makes more sense for my sanity.  It seems like anytime I get an idea about a new project there I am, full force into the demolition of the project and then I realize I’m way in over my head.

Some things are better left to the professionals.  I was curious to find out how much replacement windows would cost, so I requested a few companies to come out and give us a free quote on replacement windows.  Our house is unique in the fact that the front part of the house was built probably in the 1940s and the back of the house is an addition that was probably built in the 1970s.  For whatever reason, the windows in the back of the house are definitely newer than 1970, but the front part of the house three of the four windows are what I assume to be the original windows to the house.  They need to be replaced because they leak pretty badly.

We also have a couple windows up in our attic that we decided to replace because one is leaking and running down and dripping through one of the door frames.  Yeah, it’s not good.  I looked online at one of the local home improvement stores for a replacement window and we could buy one ourselves for less than $100 I think.  Then I realized that I don’t know how to replace windows myself, and that it probably would be a better idea to let a professional install windows.  I don’t need the darn thing falling out.  It’s causing me enough headache as it is.

The first company came out yesterday to give us a quote for five replacement windows.  The front three windows that aren’t very big (I think they are less than 30 inches each) would cost us $825.00 total to replace.  That includes the cost of $600 for the windows themselves, $195 for the exterior trim (?), and then a disposal fee of $30.  To replace the two little windows that are in the attic (mind you, they are about two feet by two feet) would cost us $808.  I about died.  The smaller windows cost us almost as much as three larger windows!  With the smaller windows, they would cost $658 for the windows, $130 for the exterior trin, and then $20 for the disposal fee.  Good grief!

I think that we are going to look into purchasing the attic windows our selves and then trying to find someone that knows how to replace windows, like maybe a handyman.  That way we’ll save some money and be able to better afford the other windows.  Looks like I better start saving now!

Have you ever priced replacement windows?

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11 Responses to “How Much do Replacement Windows Cost?”

  1. Ravi Gupta says:

    That’s absolutely crazy how much they are charging. Would there be any way for you to practice with some spare windows or something and then taking a crack at it yourself? If anything try calling a handman out to do the installation and ask him if you can participate and learn from him, this way you can replace other windows later on if you have to.

    -Ravi Gupta


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Ravi- That’s what I thought too! I think I’m going to call a couple other places and see what they quote me. It sounds like a lot of work to me!


  2. Rebecca says:

    be careful, the frames may be rotting if they are leaking and you will want a professional then. I replaced 1 window when I moved in that was leaking and it cost me about $1,000 since they had to rebuild the entire frame. It was not fun.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Rebecca- Great point! I appreciate you letting me know that. I am going to get more quotes and go from there. Thanks so much for the help!


  3. Karen says:

    I don’t know much about home improvement, but I would say that I’d be very hesitant to let anyone who doesn’t completely know what he or she is doing replace a window. It seems like one of those things that could cost thousands more to repair if it’s done incorrectly. Not only could it end up leaking or rotting and doing damage to the frame of your house, but if it’s installed inefficiently, your heating and cooling costs could sky rocket. Then you’d find yourself hiring an expert to fix the incorrect installation, and it’ll cost you their fees on top of what you’ve paid for windows and the incorrect installation, ya know?

    It seems like one of those things that might be worth paying more to know you’re getting it done right the first time. Not to mention, an expert installation will probably carry a warranty of some kind so you’ll have someone to call if you have problems with the installation.

    If the first quote you got is really high, definitely get more quotes from other experts. Prices can vary so much from one company to the next. It’s possible the first quote you got is unnecessarily high.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Karen- I think I am going to call around for quotes. I didn’t even think about having problems as a result of the installation. We’ll see what other companies quote us. Hopefully it’s much less.


  4. We have never looked into replacing windows. However, I have heard that the best plan when building will be to find and use the ‘standard’ size of things. We actually had a door in our old house that needed the glass replaced (a rock hit it while we were mowing and broke it out) I don’t remember the cost, but it wasn’t too bad because we just replaced the glass. We replaced the glass because the door was not a standard size and it would have cost us about three times as much to special order the door itself.

    So- my lesson learned- standard sizes is the way to go!


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Sandy- Totally true! We are having a problem installing a screen door right now because it’s not fitting… I thought it was a standard size but maybe not!


  5. I guess the attic windows are so expensive because they’re an irregular size. It’s always good to get several estimates. You might have gotten the one that’s much higher than normal.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Kay Lynn- I am going to call other companies for quotes. Hopefully it will be a lot less!



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