How Much Cash do Banks Have?


ducktales.jpgOne of the most pressing questions I had before I went to work at the bank was just how much money is stored in the vault at the branch, and what does it look like?  I always pictured a huge vault, similar to the one Scrooge McDuck had.  I always wanted to roll around in the coins!

My aunt and I were talking about banking the other day, and I casually asked her how much money she thought was held in the vault of a bank branch.  A few million was her guess.  Before I worked at a branch, that’s how much I thought, too!

The truth is, normally there’s no more than $200,000 in a bank branch.  That’s not enough money for me to go to jail over!  Personally the most I’ve ever seen was around $250,000.  Of course if banks have more cash on hand that would be dangerous, so they ship out money during the week to stay within alloted guidelines.  Every branch is different, so some branches may have more money than that, but typically they don’t.

How much money did you think bank branches had? 

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2 thoughts on “How Much Cash do Banks Have?

  1. Chris says:

    One of my first jobs out of high school was as a bank teller outside of Washington DC. It was a fairly rural area. The surrounding area consisted of farms but also of some very large estates (DC commuters usually). We had typically had a little more than what your bank holds but there were definitely times we had more. But never did we have like what you see in the movies, with millions stacked high! I always laugh when I watch movies and the robbers request their loot in “small bills” – and they’re handed a bag or two! Hahaha! A million in small bills would need a pallet & forklift for sure!


    Mrs Money Reply:

    I know! It is so silly they exaggerate so much in the movies. They should tell the truth so people know how stupid it is to rob a bank!


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