Homemade Stain Remover Recipe


The other day I ran out of my normal laundry stain remover and had to make some with items I already had on hand. Here’s what I used:

-1 part blue Dawn (I used 1/2 cup of the original that I buy at the Dollar Tree. It is the non concentrated but any Dawn will work)
-2 parts hydrogen peroxide

I put it in my old stain remover bottle, which is dark blue, so that the hydrogen peroxide will still work when I use it on my clothes. You have to keep hydrogen peroxide in dark bottles. I used blue Dawn because it cuts through grease on EVERYTHING, and so far it hasn’t disappointed with removing oil/grease stains on our laundry! The hydrogen peroxide acts as a color safe bleach and helps remove stains. If you would like enzymatic action in your stain remover, you can add in 1/4 cup of Biokleen – Bac-Out Stain & Odor Eliminator. We keep this on hand always. It is very helpful in potty training accident cleanup, and will “eat” many stains.

I’ve tried this homemade stain remover on oil, grease, food, grass, blood, and other stains and it really works very well.  My daughter had a white sweatshirt that got some red juice on it, and I sprayed it with the stain remover and it took it completely away!  I’ve used it in conjunction with laundry detergent made from our laundry detergent recipe and it’s a great combination.

What is your favorite stain remover?

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