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Dandruff is annoying if you suffer from it.  Using specialty dandruff shampoos is neither good for your health or your wallet.  Some of the ingredients in conventional dandruff shampoos include: coal tar, sodium lauryl sulfate, ketokonazole (anti fungal), Zinc Pyrithione (anti fungal), not to mention all the other surfectants and synthetic fragrances that are added. While I do think sometimes dandruff shampoos are necessary, for the most part you can treat your dandruff with home remedies for dandruff. Why expose your body to additional toxins if you don’t have to, and also save money at the same time? Here are some of the dandruff remedies I’ve successfully used in the past.

Tea Tree Oil . Tea tree oil is a natural anti fungal and anti bacterial. To use the tea tree oil as a home remedy for dandruff, simply add four to five drops to your normal shampoo. Be sure to massage well into your scalp and allow the tea tree oil/shampoo mixture to sit and penetrate your scalp for three to five minutes. While you are waiting for the amount of time to pass, gently use your finger tips to rub your scalp. This will help loosen any flaky scalp and allow the tea tree oil to do a better job. After the time is up, rinse your hair well with warm water.

Apple Cider Vinegar. Believe it or not, apple cider vinegar is a great home remedy for dandruff. The acidity of the vinegar helps remove some of the flakiness of the dandruff, and helps heal the scalp. Vinegar also helps condition the hair cuticle by balancing the ph and seals it to prevent flyaways. Mix one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with about a cup of warm water while you’re in the shower. Pour on your scalp and allow it to sit for about three minutes. Be sure to rinse well afterward. Using the apple cider vinegar rinse after the tea tree oil treatment is great. The smell of the vinegar will dissipate soon after, I promise!

Coconut Oil. Coconut oil is a natural anti-fungal, anti bacterial, anti parasitic, and anti viral. Whatever you’ve got on your scalp-fungus, bacterial infection, etc, will be reduced by applying coconut oil to your scalp. Here’s the easiest treatment: before you go to bed use one to two teaspoons of coconut oil and rub into your scalp. The coconut oil is solid as it’s in the container, but melts at 76 degrees. Take a half teaspoon at a time and allow the oil to melt in your hands and then apply directly to the scalp.  Be sure to sleep with a towel on your pillow so you don’t get oil all over it.  You can also wrap your hair in plastic wrap.  An added bonus of using the coconut oil: your hair will be so soft and conditioned!  Be sure to shampoo out well in the morning.  A few drops of tea tree oil can be added to help fight the fungus.

These are some of the easiest home remedies for dandruff that don’t really cost much at all.

Do you use home remedies for dandruff?

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6 thoughts on “Home Remedies for Dandruff

  1. Money Beagle says:

    I’ve had dandruff at various times and I’m pretty sure the dandruff shampoo available at the stores only made it worse! I ended up getting some shampoo from a dermatologist that contained a lot less ‘ingredients’ and that seems to work pretty well. We found some dandruff shampoo in the cupboard when cleaning the other day and I poured it down the drain!


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Money Beagle- Oh no! That stinks that the regular stuff didn’t work. I hope you don’t have to worry about dandruff again.


  2. Johnny Debt says:

    OK here we go, I am now telling the world how manky I was.

    Sometime ago I really suffered badly from itchy scalp and dandruff. I tried all sorts of thing and some really did cost a lot of money. Some of the products would give me short term relief and then it would come back. The solution at the time was to switch products after about four washes to keep the dandruff at bay.

    It was really driving me mad, then one day I took the radical solution not to wash my hair with anything. I would rinse it through with just water.

    I decided that I would do this for one year, just to see what the result would be. Well the first month was the worst as the hair did start to look lank and greasy. Then after that it started to look good again, the constant itching stopped and the dandruff cleared up.

    Everybody I told about my quest said, “eeeeek I would not do that!”

    After the one year I then went back to using shampoo. I have now been using normal shampoo for a long time now and it would appear that my no hair washing campaign proved to be the cure!!

    I am sure that a shorter period than one year of not washing hair would have done the trick too. I wonder how much money I saved over that year?


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Johnny Debt- That is awesome! I would love to do that. I have heard of people doing water only or even salt washes. If I ever don’t work full time, I may give it a try!


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