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It seems as though the home improvement list is never ending. I thought I would share the list of projects I want to partake here, as well as details on the projects themselves as I attempt to DIY a lot of them. Anything over my head will definitely be a professional’s job. Part of me is so tired of working on this house and wants to sell it and move, and another part of me wants to stay here forever and revel in the fact that I made my house my home. Here are the things I’d like to accomplish soon:

-Make a chicken coop. I’m thinking of something like a chicken tractor that I can move, but that sounds a little complex for me!
-Paint the guest bedroom. A few years ago we painted it a nice, gender neutral light green. I hate the color, and have found which color I really want to paint it (Olympic Bamboo)
-Build a clothesline. I already have the plans, I just have to get the supplies, time, and energy to do it!
-Finish our French doors leading to the dining room. They need the hardware replaced and the hinges replaced too.
-Refinish or replace the dining room floor. It’s old hardwood right now, but not in great shape. I’d love to refinish it but that’s going to be a job! I’m thinking about replacing it with cork!
-Replace the guest bedroom’s flooring. I’ll either lay the wood floor myself, or buy new carpet. With it being the only carpeted room in the house, I kind of want to rip it up and replace it with the wood flooring.
-Clean the siding. I considered buying a pressure washer but decided I can just do it myself using a car washing brush. It will save me time and get me exercise!
-Clean all the windows. Boo.
-Organize and paint shed.
-Fix the fence that was damaged during a storm. Three years ago.
-Paint the shutters a nice deep red color for more curb appeal.

Looking at this list is intimidating, but it will feel good to cross things off it! Now I just need the time to do the projects!

Do you keep a to-do list of home projects?

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9 thoughts on “Home Improvement Ideas

  1. Becky R says:

    not sure if it is just what I see, but the ads on the left are covering some of the words in your post.


  2. Heather says:

    I have a to-do list for the house, but it gets done ridiculously slowly. Years. I finally planted a mini-garden in my yard this weekend after thinking about it for who knows how long. In my (slight) defense, many of the projects are waiting for funding…


  3. Humble Laura says:

    Hey Mrs. Money!
    Your DIY to-do list actually gave me some ideas of things I’d like to do around our house. We keep a little list of decorating/refurbishing tasks that we want to do around our house. Since we just moved in only about a year ago, we’re trying to accomplish one or so a month. Our best project so far as been redoing our dining room chandelier, you can see the before and after on my website if you’re interested. Either way, Thanks for the ideas and good luck completing your list!
    Humble Laura


  4. Emily says:

    There’s a blog/podcast I enjoy at http://stumblinghomestead.com. He’s got pics (and maybe instructions? I don’t remember) of a chicken tractor he’s built and is pretty happy with. You might want to check it out and give you ideas, as it’s not too complicated.

    Anyway, know how you feel. There’s projects I’d like to do but right now just doing basic stuff seems like all I can accomplish.


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