Having a Dog Can Save you Money!

Posted by Mrs Money on February 25th, 2010


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You’ve probably seen the posts about how much a dog costs and are wondering how in the world it can save you money, versus costing you an arm and a leg. While it’s true that you’ll have to feed, provide fresh water, and veterinary care for your pet, there are also many benefits of having a dog.  You may even save some money by having a dog!

1. You won’t need a burglar alarm or security system. Buy a Pit Bull, Doberman Pincher, or Rottweiler.  If someone tries to break into your house and they see Killer standing by the door foaming at the mouth, chances are they aren’t going to break in.

2. Save money on water by letting your dogs pre rinse the dishes. If you use your dishwasher, you probably rinse your dishes before you put them in (unless you are me).  If you let your dog lick the plate clean, you will skip that step!

3. You’ll drastically reduce food waste if you share leftovers with your pooch. In my household, when I’ve got some food that I know needs to be eaten before it goes bad (NOT food that is bad- that will cost you more money in vet bills!), I mix it in with my dogs’ food.  Of course, it has to be safe for them.  Don’t call animal control on me.  My dogs now love spinach, carrots, rice, and raw veggies!  It’s good for them too.

4. Owning a dog can reduce stress. They can improve your mood, provide emotional support, and encourage you to exercise.  Exercise=more endorphins, which in turn makes you even happier.  If your dog is fat, you aren’t getting enough exercise.

5. Activities you can do with your dogs normally cost little to no money at all. You can take a visit to a park, go to the lake, go hiking, go for a walk, or even car rides in the country.  My dogs enjoy all of those activities immensely!

6. Instead of getting married and having kids, buy a dog. Think of all the money you’ll save over a lifetime! 😉 The true test to see who will love you more- lock your dog in the trunk of your car for an hours and when you open it, your dog is still happy to see you. Wife? Not so much.

Do you have a pet? What money saving benefits have I overlooked?

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24 Responses to “Having a Dog Can Save you Money!”

  1. Mrs. Frugal says:

    Lol, I love the idea of having the dogs “pre-wash” the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. May have to implement that one.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Mrs. Frugal- My husband hates when I do that. I just do it when he’s not home. 😉


  2. I beg (like a dog) to differ!

    I calculate that our dog cost us about $800 to $1000 dollars a year. And that’s not including the hole she recently put in my carpet lately, doh!

    My wife is also very happy once I let her out of the truck and she see me (usually she has a crowbar in her hand though)!

    lol, I’m glad my wife doesn’t surf the web… I would get hurt on that last one…

    You better not let PETA find out you are locking your dog in your trunk 😉

    That said, my dog is part of the family, and I think my kids would rather part with me before they do the dog!!!


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Money Reasons- Oh I totally believe that they can cost a lot of money! Especially if they eat carpet. Mine pretty much ruined our carpet and we had to replace it with hardwood flooring. That was expensive!

    That seriously made me laugh out loud. I’ve never locked the dogs in the trunk. They once jumped in there, but I left it open! 😉

    That’s too funny about the kids- traitors! 😉


    Money Reasons Reply:

    Yeah, you got to watch those kids, they bite!!!

    My dog is a chocolate lab! and we love her dearly! She’s great with kids (like all labs), but when my daughter was smaller, sometimes our dog would send her flying by running into my her by accident. So beware!

    She’s really is a great dog and we’re luck to have her 🙂


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Labs are he best! It’s funny- my friends bring over their kids and my dogs go crazy. I’m hoping by the time we have kids they will have settled down a little. They are 3 years old now. 🙂

  3. That’s not a dog, looks like a horse.

    black lab. had one as a kid. great dogs. I miss that dog. have no pets now. Why? cost and time. pets require lots of $ and work.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    OMG. This totally made my day. 🙂 Thanks for making me laugh- I needed it.

    We have a black lab and a chocolate lab. I’m sure it will be crazy once we have a baby! They do make you spend a little more money but my hubby insists they are worth it. Me- I’m undecided. 😉


    ET Reply:

    So instead of “Instead of getting married and having kids, buy a dog” now you are set on having a kid?

    Don’t be so certain.


  4. Having a dog means you have someone to blame for messes, spills and . . . um . . . unusual odors. Perfect for diabolical cats.

    Also – some dogs will clean the litter box for you 😛

    Dogs guard the car while you run to the ATM machine.

    And you save money in therapy bills because dogs make you happy. 🙂


    Mrs Money Reply:

    ami- OMGGG my dogs would probably do that. That is so disgusting!

    Dogs are great, aren’t they? 🙂


  5. Becky R says:

    We are fostering a Chi mom and her 5 puppies. The rescue pays all vet bills, but we buy food, and such. My boys want there own dog but I can’t add the initial cost and then yearly cost to my budget as I a single mom who works from home, so I like fostering as they pay the vet bills.
    I love the post you referenced to about the cost of owning a dog. I think it was right on.
    I love your blog!


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Becky- AWW! I am so jealous! I think that’s great you are doing that. I think that is the perfect plan! I wish I had thought of that. I always ask my dogs “How did we get two dogs?!” They look at me and wag their tails. They are so sweet but can be a pain in the butt.

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment!! 🙂


  6. Look, I love our dog. A lab also…

    But never again! He is getting better but in the first two years he ate another dog’s collar, 6 empty soda cans and a pound of hershey kisses!


    Mrs Money Reply:

    LeanLifeCoach- I can understand that. Ours have done some crazy stuff too. I don’t know if I would ever have two dogs again. One is more than enough!


  7. ISA says:

    ok, I really like u Mrs. Money and follow ur blog but #2 was REALLY gross! lol


    Mrs Money Reply:

    ISA- LOL it is kinda gross. I hope you don’t stop reading. 🙂


  8. Catherine says:

    I completely agree about the free activities. My parents adopted a dog through petfinder.com in the summer. Instead of shopping, he keeps us busy at his favorite place: the park. Bonus: money saved on expensive gym memberships! No need for those.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Catherine- That is awesome! I love going to the park with my dogs. They especially love when we go to the one with the lake!


  9. Vee says:

    Haha, this post made me laugh. We have two pit bulls at home. They totally do the pre-washing of all our dishes, and I think you’re right about stress levels too. It’s actually scientifically documented! Something about oxytocin or… yeah, I’m a writer, not a scientist. 😉

    However, they do not make good guard dogs, nor would I want to encourage in them the kind of behavior that would make them so. Pit bulls have a bad enough reputation that we are constantly working to improve. They are lovers, and would more likely lick an intruder than attack one.

    That being said, we certainly will never need a doorbell. =D


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Vee- I am glad it made you laugh. 🙂 I know that my dogs are so sweet and sensitive. They make me feel better.

    Our dogs would probably lick intruders too, which makes me nervous. And I know what you mean about the doorbell!! 🙂


  10. Fred says:

    All fine, but not number 3. It is a very bad idea to give dogs table food.



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