Gratitude is Everything


The past year and a half have been pretty rough for us. My husband lost his job last summer,  started a new job about five months later, and started classes to pursue a new career field. Sometimes I get disappointed thinking about all the things we can’t do right now, what we can’t afford, and how much better things would be if Mr. Money had a higher paying job. I then process these feelings, I then tell myself that there is SO much to be grateful for.  After all, there was a point when I thought we may never have kids. Here are some of the many blessings I am glad to have in my life currently:

-A beautiful family, with a loving husband that still loves me thirteen years later.  A healthy, happy six year old daughter that brings so much joy to our lives. There are many days I think: I only dreamed of having this life ten years ago! Even though things aren’t always picture perfect, we have so many good times and are happy to have each other. Life is sweeter that way!

-A nice house in a wonderful neighborhood.  It blows my mind sometimes that we are still in the first house we purchased. We’ve done many upgrades, taken care of issues that have arisen, and loved the heck out of this little house. I try my hardest to keep it decluttered so that we don’t feel as if we are bursting at the seams. It’s a continuous process, but one I enjoy. I always tell my sister that in fifty years we’ll still be in the same houses wondering where time went.  Eventually I would love to build a custom home, or purchase a little larger house with full basement and garage, but for now our house is a huge blessing!

-Food to eat, indoor plumbing, heating and air conditioning, and a nice place to sleep. These are basic necessities that so many other people around the world aren’t lucky enough to have access to.  We always have fresh food in the refrigerator, clean water, and a comfortable place to relax.

-Being a stay at home mom. I have been a stay at home mom for over six and a half years now. It hasn’t been easy, but I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything! I’m now homeschooling my six year old, and it’s been such a wonderful time for all of us. Throughout the years, I have actually been working from home: on this blog, babysitting, dog sitting, and basically any random job that I can get. I feel like anything I can contribute financially is such a help! We’ve been lucky that we’ve made it work for so long.

Looking at positives is so helpful in many different situations. I think today with social media it’s so easy to compare our lives to someone else’s highlight reel, but the truth is: everyone goes through hard things. Just because their life seems perfect doesn’t mean it is. When you find yourself going through a hard time, write down a few things that you are grateful for. I’ll bet you will be surprised at how much it helps!

What are some things you are grateful for today?

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