Grandma’s Green Cleaning Secrets


yardsale.jpgThis is a guest post from David Sterik. Enjoy!

My grandmother’s knack for creating natural cleaning products came out of necessity, not environmentalism. Growing up near Escondido, Calif., during the depression money didn’t come easy. No doubt this period made a significant mark on her life. Conservation was a concept she tried to pass on to her children and grandchildren in everything she did. Whether it was buying clothes second hand at rummage sales or using every part of the chicken for meals, she was the epitome of frugality. Here are a couple of the best green cleaning tips I had the honor of receiving from my dear grandmother.

In Southern California one item that was plentiful even during the depression were lemons. In fact, my grandmother had the good fortune of growing up with a large lemon tree in her front yard. And when life gives you lemons during a depression, you make just about anything you can imagine with it. In my grandmother’s case, she used them for cleaning table tops as well as dishes. In addition to a great smelling cleaner, lemons have antibacterial properties that kill germs naturally.

The second all-natural cleaner my grandmother would take advantage of was baking soda. If there were pets in the house she would spread baking soda on carpets as well as furniture to fight odor. Occasionally, she would even use it on clothing. It was yet another small way to save money.

I hope you’re able to take advantage of one of these old-school organic cleaning methods in your own home. Grandma would be proud.

David Sterik is a guest writer at Baby Green Guide. He is a full time blogger for the organic clothing retailer When not writing about organic living he enjoys travel and the outdoors.

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