Go Green- Save Money and the Earth by Modifying your Laundry Habits


sb10065457m-001.jpgAs I hung my laundry out on the line today, I started thinking about how my neighbors probably think I am crazy. Not only do I hang my laundry to save energy and money from having to run my dryer, but I also like the fact that I am helping save the environment as well.  As I thought about it more, I realized how my habits were helping me save money and the Earth at the same time!

I washed my clothes in laundry detergent I made myself on the delicate cycle in cold water.  Unless clothes are extremely soiled (like Mr. Money’s chef clothes), I have been washing everything in cold water on the delicate cycle because it is shorter than the normal cycle.  The cold water gets the clothes just as clean as warm water, and I save money in a few different areas.  I don’t have to pay to heat the water, I don’t use as much water, and the cold water can make the clothes I have last longer, preventing me from having to buy new clothes.

When we bought our washer and dryer, I wanted a front loading high efficiency washer and dryer.  I don’t regret purchasing them at all.  They are energy star compliant, save money and the environment at the same time, and my clothes don’t take as long to dry as they did when we had a front loading washer.

When it all boils down, it’s a 50/50 split as to why I hang my laundry out to dry.  As I was growing up, my mother always hung our laundry to dry, and I loved the smell of the clean clothes that had been hung outside.  There’s nothing like drying yourself with a towel that’s been dried outside.  I love that I am doing something “old fashioned” that helps the environment.  I love saving money!  Who doesn’t?  But the ultimate point of me doing this is that it works for me.  It makes me feel good.  I know that everyone doesn’t have the ability to hang their clothes outside like I do.  There are other ways that we all can pull together to save the environment.  All it takes are modifying your behaviors and thinking more green.  Baby steps will get you there!

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