Giving Clothes Consignment a Try


clothes.jpgI decided I wanted to do something with the two full boxes of clothing that were residing on my basement stairs. They were mainly name brand clothes (Gap, Express, New York and Company) that I had bought from Goodwill or friends. I didn’t want to take the time to list them on ebay because it would have taken a lot longer than I would like, and I didn’t want to do craigslist because of people flaking out on me, so I decided I would take them down the road to the nearest consignment shop and see if I will have any luck doing so.

Here’s how it works: I drop off the clothing (they accept 20 items at a time), they price it, someone buys it, they keep half the price and I get the other half. It does cost $5 twice a year, but she said I could quit at any time. After 30 days of it being on the rack, it is discounted 25%; after 60 days it’s 50%, and 90 days 75%. After the 90 days, if you don’t pick up your items they are donated to a burn shelter or to some other charity.

I was always afraid to give it a try. I was intimidated by the fact that I didn’t know how it would work, or that they wouldn’t take the clothing I was wanting to sell. I figured it’s worth a shot, and no big deal if I don’t sell it all. I’m hoping I can make a few extra bucks. Why not?

Have you ever done clothes consignment?

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6 thoughts on “Giving Clothes Consignment a Try

  1. cavewoman says:

    Yes, I consign items twice a year—once in the spring, again in the fall.
    I never make a lot of money—but it creates a higher rate of return than putting things in a yard sale–and it creates enough money for me to travel home for the holidays. Woot!

    I thought it would be a one time thing—consigning. However, my dear mother in law, who has SO MUCH STUFF, is always giving me things that we have no space for. Therefore—consigning has become a yearly adventure.

    Conveniently, whatever the shop will not accept I put into my yearly yard sale. ( My neighborhood has a BIG yearly yardsale that is well advertised. It draws people from all over the county and therefore gets a lot of traffic. It’s a nice way to meet the neighbors and to edit out unwanted items. Because it is organized as a neighborhood event—there is a charity truck that wanders through and picks up the items at each participating yard, at the end of the sale —-officially 2pm).


    Mrs Money Reply:

    We had a yard sale a couple times. I made less than $10. 🙁 I was thinking that I will hopefully make more than that with consignment! I am glad to hear it worked well for you!


  2. Miss M says:

    I haven’t tried a true consignment shop but I have sold clothing to resellers. There are a couple around LA that only take higher end, stylish clothing and give you about 40% of the price they will list it for. Down side – they are very picky, up side – no wait for your money or for your clothes to sell. Lots of luck with selling.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    I won’t be offended if they don’t take some of my stuff. Too bad I don’t know someone my size! 🙂


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