Getting the Itch to Upgrade


houseLately I’ve had the feeling that I would like to move to a bigger house with more acreage.  Our house is just the perfect size for us right now, but we wish we had a garage and more property.  Not to mention, if we end up expanding our family it would be nice to have an extra bedroom to put our office and guest room in.  We have a three bedroom house right now, and it works because we’ve got the master, Penny’s room, and then the third bedroom is the guest room and office.

I feel conflicted because I am a huge fan of minimalism, I don’t like clutter, and I have always felt like a smaller house is better. Smaller houses cost less in upkeep, property taxes, heating and cooling, etc.  I have to say I kind of hit a plateau with decluttering and I feel like we are doing pretty well with the amount of stuff that we have and bring in.  I do continuously go through things and as Penny outgrows clothing, I keep a lot of the nice stuff but the stuff that’s not my favorite I usually pass on.

Moving would also cost us a lot of money, so that’s something I’m trying to take into consideration as well.  We’d have to pay closing costs, the moving trucks, etc.  If we stayed put, we’d end up saving money because we wouldn’t have all those expenses.

My parents bought their house right after they got married, moved in, and stayed there ever since.  The house was a small “starter home” and they added on as they had kids, but the house isn’t huge and I feel like my mother would have preferred a larger home while she was raising kids.  I know for a fact that she would have liked a bigger kitchen!  She still complains about that to this day.

One of my biggest fears about moving and looking for a new house is that we’d find a house that needed a ton of work, like new floors.  I don’t want to install flooring again!  I don’t mind a house that needs paint because that’s not a huge deal and I actually like painting walls.  I just don’t want a fixer-upper that we’d have to spend a ton of time fixing up.

I guess a good plan of action would be to just stay where we are for right now and see what the future brings.  I’ll still keep looking at the real estate listings to see if there was something we’d HAVE to have, but as of right now it just makes the most sense for us to stay in our current house.  Over the past seven and a half years, we’ve really worked at making this house our home and we’ve done a lot of work to beautify our house and I’m really proud of it!

Do you ever get the itch to upgrade?  Have you lived in your current place for awhile?


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4 thoughts on “Getting the Itch to Upgrade

  1. Kacie says:

    I’ve never lived at a place for really long, so maybe the itch will come later. But yeah moving is a pain and when I think about how much in realtor fees we’d have to pay, plus closing costs and moving, it’s a lot of money to get somewhere else. Plus we’ve dumped a lot of money into our house to make it better for us.

    Since it’s our first house, there are things that we didn’t realize might have been issues for us. Like we *thought* it was big, but whoa it would have been nice to have a basement. Or a finished, usable attic for storage. Or a different yard. eh, whaddya do. I hope to be here for a long time because moving sucks!


    Mrs Money Reply:

    Kacie- I totally know what you mean about realtor fees and closing costs- that is the biggest thing that’s kept us in our house for so long and a reason I’d love to make our house work for us as long as we can!

    Having a basement or attic for storage is a really nice thing. I hope you all stay in your house for awhile too!


  2. jim says:

    Moving does suck – even if you’re “upgrading” – ugh – especially with a child(ren). They do not like the upheaval. However, I have to admit that when we “upgraded” my wife LOVED the new kitchen and 15 years later still does. However, now the kids are grown and gone – way faster than we had anticipated and now this house seem humongous to us. So, think long term on whatever you decide to do.


    Mrs Money Reply:

    jim- Thanks so much for the great tips! I think we’ll chip away at the projects we’d like to get done to make the house more of what we want it to be. I’m hoping that will help keep us even more content 🙂


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