Getting structured settlement funding


If you are getting money from structured settlements, then the cash from it might not be enough to fulfill your desires at the very moment. If you want to buy a new car for your work, then simply money from monthly checks will not do. You can sell your structured settlements and get the load off your shoulders and get the requisite amount of cash to buy your dream home or your favorite car. There are many settlement funding companies which understand your specific situation and can offer you help in the form of customized solutions for you.

Reasons for the settlement funding

Most of the times, the insurance claims and the worker’s compensation are paid in installments rather than in bulk. This simply means periodic payments over a period of time rather than in one go. But these monthly payments might not be the perfect fit for everyone and so many of you might want resort to selling these payments to a structured settlement funding company to fulfill your needs. There are many reasons that might be there for settlement funding where you might want a huge sum of cash at the present moment. The various reasons might include medical expenses, new schooling, buying your new home, travel expenses, family emergencies and many more. Other reasons might include the

investment of the settlement money in the new business or a business opportunity. There are many reasons as to why you can consider availing the help of many companies who are in the business of settlement funding and giving you the cash you badly need. These companies will help in every possible way they can to give you the cash you need today. They will work with you to understand your specific situation and create a host of cash advance options at your disposal. You can get tailor made solutions that will not only benefit you today but will be there with you a few years down the road as well.

Now sell a structured settlement in different ways

There are a few ways where you can sell your structured settlement and get away with a huge chunk of money. One of it includes selling the entire settlement and getting the whole money in one go. But this is not the only option. You can even sell a portion of your monthly payments even allowing you to receive monthly income even after sale.

Easy funding process

Most of the companies follow a 3 step funding process. This includes:

• Fill out an online application form of a particular company and their representative will call you immediately.

• After that they will send a documentation request to your lawyer. On receiving the request and submitting your documents, the underwriting dept will render you the advance in well within 48 hours.

• Then a funding contract will be signed by you and your attorney and you will promptly get all your money. Life doesn’t wait and neither should you. Approach a structured settlement company and get started on the track to financial freedom.

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