Gambling Responsibly?


There’s a man I used to work with that was a banker. He used to spend hours talking with people about money and how to be responsible with it. The ironic thing was he loved his fantasy football, poker, and gambling at the casino. He was a bachelor, made good money, and always budgeted a certain amount each month for these activities. Since he considered that his entertainment budget, he didn’t worry about it. I’ll have to admit; I wouldn’t personally do it but I don’t see the harm in it either. He had interesting reasons why he needed to do continue to do all of the activities instead of eliminating anything.

-Fantasy football. His friends all got together one day each weekend and talked about fantasy football. They would all gather at a friend’s house and each person would bring appetizers or beer. They were saving money by staying in and bringing their own food.  His justification for keeping the fantasy football team was that if he didn’t continue do participate he’d probably spend more money at the bars or going out to eat and he wouldn’t see his friends as frequently. Fair enough!

-Gambling at the casino. The casino was probably about a 20 minute drive from where he lived. He would make sure to take cash so he wouldn’t go over budget. The casino has free soft drinks and even has a rewards program where he would earn free night stays at the casino! He said that was a nice getaway some weekend nights and often times he would just go there to spend the night and not even gamble.  You can’t beat a free hotel room for the night, especially at a nice hotel!

-Online poker. He enjoyed playing online poker since he was alone a lot. He was pretty good at the game and would never spend more than he allotted each month for his online poker. He said there are many free online gaming sites and he would break up his time between playing free games and blackjack. He also considered this practice for when he went gambling at the casino.

Part of his justification was that he didn’t smoke cigarettes or drink tons of alcohol so he was using that money that could have gone to some other sort of guilty pleasure.  He also didn’t have a mortgage, wife, kids, and basically any other big financial obligations.  He wasn’t in debt and did not go overboard with any of his

I think we all have our guilty pleasures.  As long as we are budgeting for them, saving money like we should be, and don’t get ourselves in trouble there’s nothing wrong with that.  My friend here would say that he may as well have fun while he’s young because before he knows it he’ll be married with kids and not able to do these things that he enjoys.  I can understand that!

What do you think? Do you think it’s bad he partakes in these activities?

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