Fun Money!


In our budgeting, we make sure to have a category for fun money. There are some things that I do that others would consider to be bad but overall since it doesn’t affect my budget and finances in a huge way, I don’t sweat too much about it. It’s not worth it! Here are some things I do with my money that aren’t ideal:

I don’t use my rewards credit card as much as I should. We have a great credit card that provides various cash back percentages based on the type of purchase. I use this credit card for all of my gas purchases, as I receive 4% back on the total amount and that adds up quickly. I should be better about using it to purchase groceries but it annoys me when my bank account balance isn’t exactly how much money we have in the bank. For example, when I charge $100 it looks like I have $100 more in my checking account than I actually do because I’ve spent that money but it hasn’t been paid to the credit card yet. That annoys me!

-I can’t use all cash for budgeting. I’ve tried, and it just doesn’t work for me. If I have cash I’m more likely to spend it, and I am bad about migrating money from envelope to envelope. I know many people love the cash envelope budgeting system but I just can’t make it work for me! My husband is also bad about spending cash if he has it, so we both decided it would be best to use our debit cards for everyday spending and budgeting. The money is drafted out of our checking accounts immediately and it really helps with knowing how much money we have at any point.

-I shop online too much. I don’t go shopping at the mall or go to stores a lot because I end up spending more money than I need to. I’ve started shopping online a lot more because it’s something to do and it’s easier than going out to stores. At least I save money on gas because I’m not driving to different stores, right!?

-I like to rent movies on the on demand service occasionally, and every once in awhile I like to spend a night at the casino. I’m very responsible with the way I gamble and only take a certain amount of cash that I’m comfortable with losing. It’s a source of entertainment for me, so I don’t stress about it. The 888casino in the UK is first on my list of casinos to visit! A lot of people can get in trouble with gambling, so if you are worried you could have a problem I wouldn’t even try it.

Overall, I try to adhere to our budget as much as possible but sometimes that doesn’t happen. I figure as long as we’re not in a ton of debt and we’re happy that it could be so much worse! What do you like to spend your fun money on?

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