Frugal Home Improvement- Is it worth it?


envelope.jpgI’ve got a dilemma. It involves the hardwood floors that we were going to install a few weeks ago. I decided that I would just hire someone to install them, and I called for a quote the other day. $2.50 a square foot for installation. Not bad, I thought. As I was talking to the guy, he asked how large of an area we planned on doing, and I told him just the hallway. The hallway is not that large and he thought it would not be worth his time to come out and do just the hallway. So, I told him I’d think about doing the bedroom and the living room at the same time because we want to do those areas as well. I was thinking it wouldn’t be more than $2000 for all of it, because I assumed those three areas were maybe 300 square feet total. Wrong.

They total around 575 square feet. That would cost us $3737.50 for the materials and installation!! We only have $1200 in our hardwood floor fund right now, and that’s okay because I still have our stimulus check that we could use towards the hardwood floors. I really don’t want to spend $3800 roughly out of our savings account. I would feel so guilty about that. So now I’m stuck. I don’t know what I’m going to do. These are a few of the options I have:

  • Suck it up and pay for the hardwood floors to be installed. I’d be happy with the results and not fret so much about it, and it would be done and over with. My other concern is we have two labs that I know are going to scratch the floor. What do I do about that?
  • Buy a laminate floor instead and attempt to install that ourselves. That should be a lot easier to install. I do not like the look of laminate, and the fact that you can’t refinish it. It would be very resistant to scratches though, and cheaper. I just don’t think I’d get the look or the value I would get out of the hardwood.
  • Tile. I don’t think I’d like the look of tile in my living room and bedroom though. And here in the Midwest it’s not popular at all.
  • I could do just the hallway and the bedroom. That would cost me around $1500 or so. I can handle that. Then there would be a seam from the living room to our bedroom, and if we did it all at once, that seam wouldn’t be there.
  • Install it all by myself. Ugh. This gives me a headache, especially after what happened last time. Nightmare.

What’s the best floor for people with dogs?  I don’t know. I wish I knew.  So, now I’m turning to you.

What do you think I should do?  Is there an option that I didn’t put out there I should consider?

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