Frugal Fixes for Flooring: Laminate Floors


Do you remember the flooring dilemma I had a few months ago? I’m almost embarrassed to say that I am just now getting around to solving the problem. I installed laminate flooring into my hallway and bedroom. And I have to say, at this moment I am confident this was the best decision for us.

Not only do I have the peace of mind of having a complete, normal, beautiful floor in my bedroom, but I have the financial peace of mind knowing I didn’t spend $3737.50.  I love the look of hardwoods, but with the dogs I couldn’t justify spending that much money and watching them get scratched.  Going with laminate flooring eliminates that worry.  It’s going to take a lot (knock on wood) for them to scratch the laminate.  Also, I was able to install it myself, which saved us a ton of money.

With the current housing market the way it is, we’ve decided to love the home we’re tied to, and make improvements that fit our lifestyle.  We can afford the laminate flooring.  We actually bought it at Costco and will get 2% back on our purchase because we have an executive membership. Also, I was able to pay with cash out of our hardwood floor fund, and I’ll tell you, when I pulled out my envelope and paid cash for the flooring, it was amazing. It felt so empowering to know that I had been saving for so long to be able to do this, and I wasn’t having to charge it or use my debit card. What a natural high!

Although I was worried about the resale value of the home after installing laminate, I realized that was a silly concern, as there are more serious problems going on that are making my home value go down right now.  We love our house, and although it’s not where we’d prefer to stay for the rest of our lives, it’s where we need to be right now, and we need to make it into a home we can love.  We’ll just have to keep making frugal renovation decisions and realize that anything’s possible if we put our minds to it.  After all this is said and done, I can look back and realize that sometimes the most frugal decisions are the wisest ones when we are pushed to our limits.  I’m thankful the flooring is done in my bedroom, and now I can relax.  Or paint the living room…

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5 thoughts on “Frugal Fixes for Flooring: Laminate Floors

  1. Kristen@TheFrugalGirl says:

    I don’t think laminate is that bad…I think it will definitely be more of a selling point for your house than carpet would have been, you know?

    We have engineered wood flooring in our bedroom, because it’s on a slab and is partly underground, and I really think it looks nice. Not as nice as real hardwood, but much nicer than carpet.


  2. Miss M says:

    We’re stuck in our current home too, pretty much everyone who bought in los angeles in the last 4 years is now underwater. I need to put money into my house but it’s not for the fun things like new flooring, the electrical has issues, the plumbing is original…

    I have all hardwood floors in my house, but they are the original 80 year old kind. They’re holding up pretty well despite the 4 canine household members. Lots of my dog board friends have gone with laminate and couldn’t be happier. Now I need a dog proof couch, it’s been thrown up on 3 times this week!


  3. Mrs Money says:

    Kristen- I am so glad I went with the laminate! I love it. 🙂 I actually asked a realtor his opinion on laminate and he said he’d definitely prefer hardwood over laminate but on the flip side, laminate over carpet. I am happy with the decision. Thanks for your comment!!

    Miss M- That stinks. Good luck with everything in your house! Thankfully we’ve just had big cosmetic repairs we’ve made. I hate dog hair on the couch/bed so I feel your pain!


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