Frugal Anti Virus: Best or Bust?


dv539009.jpgWe have had to reformat our computer three times in the past six months or so due to getting a virus.  I am so tired of doing it because it’s such a pain!  While I would love to go out and buy an iMac, that isn’t exactly in the cards for me right now because I’m trying to save as much money as I can due to the possibility of losing my job. I can’t help but wonder where we keep getting viruses from, and if I’m not partly to blame. Sometimes free things can be bad.

We get our anti virus free from our internet provider.  I was assuming since it was provided through the internet provider it would be a good anti virus program.  It is CA Anti Virus, and from everything I’ve read online, it seems to be a good program.  So where does the problem lie: in the program, or is it something I’m doing?  I have no idea, but you betcha I’m going to be very careful of all the sites I visit from now on.

I don’t know if there’s something I’m not updating or if there’s some site I’m visiting that keeps giving me a virus, but mainly I’m on the computer checking my email or blogs.  That’s pretty much it.  I can’t help but feel like my frugality is not doing me a darn bit of good here, but all I can believe is that the program is working correctly and maybe I’m just not updating it when I should be.  Or I’m not updating my version of Windows when I should.  Those are the only things I can come up with.

Am I being too frugal? Should I go buy a better anti virus program?  What could I be doing wrong?

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6 thoughts on “Frugal Anti Virus: Best or Bust?

  1. jj-momscashblog says:

    I have AVG which was free and I had just bought a new laptop in August, my cp guy that I bought the laptop from assured me that AVG was a great system. I also have Spybot, to tell you the truth I put too much trust in both of them. I don’t do a thing! I guess I should knock on wood! thanks for putting the fear in


  2. Christina says:

    I’d also put in a vote for AVG. I’ve been using it since May and haven’t had any problems. Plus it doesn’t bog down your computer like other anti-virus programs do.


  3. Catherine says:

    I am also going to sing the praises of AVG – it auto-updates for you so you don’t have to worry about it, and I’ve never gotten a virus while using it.

    It’s free. And it works. That’s a better combination than free and doesn’t work. 🙂


  4. Mrs Money says:

    Christina- I hate when the anti virus runs and runs. It makes my computer loud and annoying! Thanks for the recommendation!

    Catherine- Thank you! I will definitely have to download that soon!


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