Freeze Yer Buns Challenge


freezeyerbuns.jpgThis year I decided to participate in the Freeze Yer Buns Challenge by Crunchy Chicken. hosted by My thermostat has been hovering around sixty degrees, and to be honest, I really haven’t been cold. I’ve been wearing fleeces and sweatshirts and using my woodburning stove to heat the house. It’s been pretty pleasant.

We got our first electric bill in the mail since it’s been cold and it was $89.  Not too bad! I guess I can get off Mr. Money’s back now. It looks like he’s living up to the challenge as well. We’ve been debating buying a programmable thermostat, but I think it would be a waste of money because we can do the same thing by turning it up and down ourselves.

I think I’m going to venture out to Goodwill today to look for some sweats and fleeces and sweatshirts if I get ambitious enough.  It seems that on weekends (and cold ones at that) I like to stay home and relax and not go anywhere!  There are many projects I can be working on: finish painting the living room (ugh!), working on some knitting for Christmas presents, and making soap for presents as well.  I’m doing a lot of handmade gifts this year.  I’ll keep warm by moving around and drinking tea.  Sounds like a lovely weekend to me!

Have you been freezing your buns off this winter? 

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7 thoughts on “Freeze Yer Buns Challenge

  1. MIss M says:

    I probably shouldn’t say it cause you’ll hate me, I’ve got the AC on. It’s burning hot here in LA today, literally, and the smoke from the fires is hovering over my house. But, I do want to be more frugal this year so when the cold comes again I’m going to keep the thermostat down a bit and grab a blanket.


  2. Catherine says:

    I didn’t know about Crunchy Chicken’s challenge, but I have been challenging myself to not use the heat at all. I broken down 2 mornings when my boyfriend stayed over and had to get out of bed at 6am (I don’t get up ’til almost 8am), so I set my programmable thermostat and had the heat come on at 5:45 and go off again at 7. I barely even noticed it on my electric bill, so I think that if I need to do this again a few days in December or January, it won’t break the bank.

    For now, I’ve been drinking hot cocoa under my nice big afghan to keep warm when I’m not baking or cooking.


  3. frugalchick says:

    It hasn’t been very cold here in Cali. We actually still have the fan on at night. But I’ll be winterproofing our house to keep our energy bill down. I’m thinking of making one of those door draft blocker.


  4. Miss M says:

    OK I swear I left a comment on this the other day, or maybe I’m finally losing it. It’s been so hot we’ve been running the AC! But when it does finally cool off my goal is to keep it cooler and bundle up, every little dollar helps. But if I lived somewhere cold I don’t know, I think I’d need a nice toasty house.


  5. Mrs Money says:

    Miss M- I don’t know why, but it sent your comment to moderation. Weird. I can’t even believe running the AC now! It was snowing a little on Friday!

    Catherine- You are HARD CORE. Wow. I am totally impressed. I got home and it was 60 degrees and I had to turn it up!

    Frugalchick- You are lucky! I bought the plastic for the windows and now I just need to find the time to put it up!


  6. Nicole says:

    i live with my parents, and we have it set a little higher than what i would set it if it were up to me.
    generally, if im home by myself (the family goes away to my brothers hockey tournaments and such) i turn it way down, and just sit under blankets, watching tv and knitting.
    I close all the doors to the rooms i dont use, and close the vents into those rooms so the little heat i do have on comes right to where i am!


  7. Mrs Money says:

    Nicole- My parents keep their heat at like 65 so I guess that’s where I learned it from. I am a knitter too, and that helps keep you warm! 😉


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