Five Banking Tools That Will Give Your Budgeting A Boost


Five Banking Tools That Will Give Your Budgeting A Boost

No matter how much you earn, smart money management is necessary in order to keep your budget in the green. Unplanned expenses can happen at any time, while fluctuation of revenues can put even the best laid plans to a serious test. That’s why anyone would benefit from advanced tools designed exclusively to help people get their finances under control. Here is an overview of several very useful but commonly overlooked banking tools that can create a lot of surplus in crafty hands.

  1. Control your expenses with a spending tracker

Money tends to leak out of your pocket if you’re not paying attention, but tracking every purchase manually is too impractical for most people. Here’s where spending trackers like PocketGuard can become extremely valuable – by allowing you to be fully aware of your expenditures. This convenient tool won’t necessarily stop you from splurging on something you see, but it will at least tell you how that hole in the budget was created so that you don’t repeat the same mistake the following week.

  1. Organize cash payments with envelope budgeting tool

Liquid funds are typically the most difficult to control – unless you have a specialized tool just for this task. So called “envelope budgeting” is a principle that lets you stay on top of your cash payments with amazing precision. With apps like Mvelopes, you can track exactly how much money needs to be left aside for upcoming payments. The only thing that remains is to stick to the plan throughout the month!

  1. Save on a monthly basis with a no fee banking account

Few people think about banking fees, but those charges can add up pretty quickly. With a no fee bank, it’s possible to save hundreds of dollars every year. This get paid early app is simple to use and very reliable, replacing more expensive services from traditional banks. Early adopters are raving about it, so it’s probably a smart idea to switch to a bank with this feature in order to unburden yourself from your budget!

  1. Protect your money with an investment advice app

If you keep a part of your funds in the stock market, sound investment advice can be worth far more than savings tips. You can receive professional guidance in real time straight to your mobile if you install Personal Capital, a hybrid tool that combines great budgeting features with advanced portfolio management options. A well-designed dashboard lets you keep track of your money at every moment, while outcome projections facilitate more proactive financial planning.

  1. Combine your family funds with a family budgeting product

When two earners share the expenses, it’s very easy to get confused about the current state of household finances. This can be avoided if both persons are using Good Budget, well-known budgeting software created specifically for couples. This tool is compatible with both Android and iOS, so there won’t be any hiccups if the couple doesn’t agree on the preferred smartphone brand.


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