Finding a Balance Between Frugality and Happiness


hahh.jpgI have been doing something silly in an effort to save money.  I turned my thermostat down to 55.  Let me tell you why that is a bad idea.  I’m seriously freezing my buns off!!

What all started this was my electric bill this month.
I was expecting it to be about $120. When I opened it and saw it was $165, I about had a heart attack! I know it could be worse, but when you’re expecting it to be less it’s shocking.  I decided I was going to go off the deep end and make sure my electric bill wasn’t that high this month.  I set my thermostat at 55.

The other night when I got home I went into my bedroom to change (and put on two sweaters) and the thermometer in there read 49 degrees.  That was my wake up call.  I realized that it’s ridiculous to be miserable in a house that is 55 degrees (or lower) and save money.  What’s the point of saving money if I freeze to death?  I turned the thermostat up to 65 and left it at that.  I’ve been happy since.  I realized it wasn’t worth worrying over.  I’ve got bigger battles to pick.  I enjoy my house much more, am happier, and now I don’t have to worry about my pipes freezing.  It’s a win-win situation.

There has to be a balance between being frugal and happiness.  If I went the whole winter with my heat at 55, I would survive.  It probably wouldn’t be the most pleasant winter, but I would live. Is the $20 extra a month on my electric bill to be warm worth it? Yes. I think it’s important to realize that even though our financial goals may be large, we need to remember to stop and enjoy the small things that may cost us a little more money.  In the end, that’s what it’s all about anyway. 

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6 thoughts on “Finding a Balance Between Frugality and Happiness

  1. Kacie says:

    Whoa, lady! I’m glad you’re turning the heat up. You seriously could have frozen!

    What have you done to winterize your house? Sealed windows/doors/added insulation, etc?

    I’m not sure what part of the country you’re in, but your bills just might be typical of the area and maybe there’s not much you can do about it :-\


  2. MIss M says:

    Yeah, 55 is a bit crazy. Frugality to me is saving so you can spend money on the important things, warmth and comfort are important! It finally turned cold here in LA and I admit I have the thermostat at 70, I’m a wimp.


  3. Mrs Money says:

    Kacie- I realize how dumb that was now. I’ve got a “all or nothing” attitude sometimes, and it just got the best of me. I am truly enjoying how warm it is in here now! 🙂 Last year we put insulation under the rafters of our crawlspace (we’ve got a basement on one part of the house and crawlspace on the other). It definitely helps! In the front part of the house we have old windows so we put plastic over those and it’s made a dramatic difference. I think maybe we need to seal some windows and put more insulation in the attic. That will help!

    Miss M- Yeah, I feel almost embarrassed about posting this now, but it’s the truth and I am sharing it with others. I’m going to come visit you!! I’ve always wanted to see LA!

    Ashley- I agree. Sacrificing going out to eat is definitely worth it to me to be warm and happy!


  4. Miss M says:

    Come visit! I think fall is the best time in LA, we have beautiful indian summers. Right now the weather is dreadful, cold and rainy. I’ve slowly inched the thermostat down to 68, hoping Mr M won’t notice!


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