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I’m always looking for new high yield savings accounts as part of my job working at the bank. I think it’s always good to know where the competition stands. I’ve decided I’m going to start sharing some of my findings here, in hopes that someone can benefit from my research. 🙂 Here’s my EverBank Review:

EverBank Review

EverBank is a bank that I hadn’t heard of, but decided I’d like to check out. EverBank is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida and is FDIC insured, and carries a wide array of financial products, from checking accounts, money market accounts, high yield savings accounts, and even certificates of deposit.

If you’ve got a decent emergency fund build, you want to look into EverBank.  In 2007, EverBank was named “Best of the Breed” by Money Magazine.  They continue to thrive even in today’s volatile market.

Yield Pledge Money Market Account

EverBank does have a $1,500 minimum opening requirement and if you don’t keep $5,000 in the account, you may be assessed a fee (around $9).  You could use this account to stash your emergency fund or even saving for a house or car.

EverBank does have a three month introductory rate on its money market account, and it’s higher than almost any other high yield savings account I’ve seen currently.

You can direct deposit into an EverBank account.  EverBank’s routing number is 063092110.

You can learn more or open an Everbank account.

That’s my EverBank Review!

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One thought on “EverBank Review

  1. james says:

    i like hearing about high interest rates and great product offerings but at the same time is a buzz kill when you have to keep a certain amount of money in that account.

    i just feel used by them lending it out to others.


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