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One of the things I hate most is junk mail. Even though I chose to opt out of junk mail, I still receive some things I consider junk that apparently isn’t technically junk mail. It’s so annoying! While I think coupons are great for saving money, I also usually can’t find coupons for many things I buy because we don’t really buy processed food, and we try to limit our consumerism. You don’t ever see coupons to save money on fresh fruit and produce. Still, we receive the huge coupon mailers in the mail that I have to try to recycle or do something with.

In order to cut down on the amount of mail we receive and also reduce our carbon footprint, I’ve enrolled in paper less billing for most of my bills. I guess I had forgotten to include our health insurance company in the paper less billing because we receive paper statements from them every quarter. I have had good intentions to change that, but then I forget and since it’s quarterly, I am not reminded until three months later that I’ve forgotten.

This morning I logged in to the health insurance company’s site and changed it to email communication only. Phew. One less thing I’ll get in the mail! I am embarrassed that it took me that long to change, but I figured I’d rather be honest and tell you that I’m not perfect. I try to live my life in a way that leaves the least amount of impact on the environment and my wallet, but sometimes things happen.

I will also say that I still continue to receive paper bank statements. Because of retention records and the fear of being audited by the IRS, I like having my paper bank statements readily available in the instance that I ever need them. I hope that’s not the case, but you never know. I’d rather be safe than sorry. I know if I enroll in the paper less statements through online banking that I’ll help save trees and the environment, but my personal comfort level seems to trump that at the moment. There is always the option to print the monthly statements through online banking, but then I have to use my own ink and paper (which sometimes I don’t have) and I also have to remember to do that. Who knows if I would actually remember to print the statements each month!

I think paper less billing is an excellent option because it helps save companies money, it helps save the environment, and it reduces the amount of resources consumed in the production and delivering. I probably should think of a way to save my bank statements electronically because each month the statement in the mail is a reminder of one part of my life where I’m not living green. I feel guilty about that, and should do something to change it! It should be an easy fix, and I’ll have to come up with a solution, but this is definitely something I can change!

Do you use paper less billing for all your bills and bank statements, or do you still receive some in the mail?

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6 thoughts on “Enroll in Paperless Billing

  1. Karen says:

    If you choose paperless billing for your bank statements, you could always save a .pdf file of the statement on your hard drive. I create .pdfs of all of my confirmations after I pay bills, bank statements, and tax documents instead of printing hard copies. I also back up the files on my external hard drive in case of catastrophic data loss on my actual computer. That way, I can print out hard copies if I ever need them, but I don’t have a ton of paper documents lying around if I don’t need them.

    Also worth noting: your bank can likely access statements several years back. I think my bank offers immediate access for 7 years’ worth of statements online, so I could just log in and print them up. That’s a little riskier since you’d be counting on the bank to provide them to you, but it’s an option.


    Funny about Money Reply:

    My credit union apparently expunges data about every six months. I’ve needed to find records of transactions that were less than a year old, only to be told they no longer had that information. So if you don’t download PDFs promptly, you could find yourself out of luck if you need the data later.


  2. Funny about Money says:

    I pay all my bills electronically. But I don’t want to have to remember to go to a website to find out how much I owe…because sooner or later I will forget! Though I also hate all that paper flowing into the house, I still have paper statements delivered, because I pay my bills in response to those statements.


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