Eco Benefits of Recession


85305291.jpgWe can say there is some good that comes of recession. We’re choosing (or in some cases, forced) to live more green. How? Here are just a few examples:

Less consumption. People cut back their budgets on frivolous items such as the new flat screen tv, plastic kids toys, new sunglasses etc.  Less consumption means less greenhouse gases emitted from large corporations, fuel consumed to transport these items, and plastic being used in the actual production of the item and the packaging.

Less garbage output.  With people not buying as many items, there’s less trash making its way into our landfills.  Awesome!

Decreased energy usage.  With rising energy costs, people are making sure they are turning off the water when they brush their teeth, switching the lights off when they leave the room, and turning their thermostats down a few degrees.  I am a true believer in every little bit counts!

More cooking at home.  More cooking at home means buying less prepackaged items, which are bad for your wallet and your health.  Buying items in bulk not only saves money but packaging as well. Spring for that extra bag of beans or rice when you’re in the store.

Going veg!  More people are substituting beans, lentils, and other vegetarian sources of protein.  This is an obvious money saver, but also means less stress on the planet because the more animals, the more CO2. By decreasing the amount of meat consumed, less CO2 is emitted.  Also, eating less meat will be good for your health, which will lead to fewer medical problems later down the road.

Laundry. It seems to be one of the most talked about frugal focuses, and with good reason. You can save a ton of money by making your own detergent and air drying your clothes. By making your own detergent, you know exactly what went in it, which equals less chemicals in our water supply.  Also, by air drying, you save the money (and the CO2) you normally would have spent running the dryer but you also extend the life of your clothes.

What are some ways you’ve become a little more eco friendly?

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2 thoughts on “Eco Benefits of Recession

  1. Mrs Money says:

    Miss M- That’s a good one! I really haven’t noticed it here but I’m sure in LA it would be noticeable!


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