Ebay, Craigslist, or Goodwill?


boxes.jpgIn my basement and extra bedroom, I have a pile of items that I am going to sell on ebaycraigslist. or The piles have been there for a few months now, and contain items from hardwood flooring that we didn’t end up using to clothing I thought I could sell, to little knickknacks that I thought someone else would treasure.  I have listed many of the items on craigslist and only had one person interested in a stained glass mirror, and she actually came and bought it about 20 minutes after I had listed it.  While it was nice to get that extra $15, I realized that the stress of having this clutter in my house just isn’t worth it any more, and today I’ll be hauling a lot of this crap to the nearest Goodwill.

I almost feel like I’m throwing away money, but it’s pretty apparent that these items are not going to sell, no matter how much I think they are worth.  Maybe people just don’t like or need the items, think I’ve overpriced them, or something else.  Regardless, it’s not worth my time, effort, headache, and having to deal with the stuff around here just to make $2.  Sure, it all adds up, and I’m the first to try to make an easy buck or two.  But it’s just not worth it any more. I’m tired of looking at it and I know Mr. Money is too!  I’d rather trade the $100 that I may make for sanity!

What is your method for decluttering?

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10 thoughts on “Ebay, Craigslist, or Goodwill?

  1. K-money says:

    I started selling items on eBay years ago but it wasn’t worth all the work. I have a few higher-dollar items I will probably list on Craigslist, then eBay if they don’t sell. Everything else I took to Goodwill/Salvation Army. Yes, I could have made a bit of money on the stuff, but the time and energy it took were better spent moving on in my less cluttered life. The good feeling of getting rid of that stuff is well worth giving up the small money I’d have made.


  2. Mrs Money says:

    K-money- I’d love to make a few extra bucks but it just doesn’t seem worth it. I love having a less cluttered life too, and I’m happy with just that! 🙂


  3. Sue says:

    I totally agree about getting rid of the clutter. I’ve sold a few large items on eBay, but most things go to the Salvos. I feel that I’m making a contribution to charity at the same time.


  4. Mrs Money says:

    Sue- It’s nice that you are making the donation and also then normally you get to write it off on your taxes; another bonus!


  5. Ryan from Going Carless says:

    I usually try craigslist first. Then after a while if it’s something I know won’t sell I just put it on freecycle. I have decluttered so much stuff from freecycle!

    By the way, just found your blog. Good stuff!


  6. Mrs Money says:

    Ryan- I have been thinking about freecycle! I feel good about knowing someone would appreciate it. 🙂 Thanks for the nice words!


  7. Becky R says:

    Hello. Every year I try a yard sale, but for all the work (putting up signs, pulling out tables, and sitting outside all day, about 10 hours work)I usually make about $50. Having all that clutter around is not worth it.

    Lately I post things on craigslist, or this local free site we can sell stuff on in my county. I have sold a few things, but once again I have clutter sitting around waiting to get picked up for a few dollars here and there.

    Again not worth it.

    I am going to donate some stuff to Big Brothers/Big Sisters and be done with it in one swoop.

    -Becky R in NJ


  8. Sandy H says:

    We are donaters, or we hand down a lot of stuff.

    For kids stuff I am lucky to have a niece a little over a year younger than our daughter, and also a nephew about 2 years younger than our son. The nice thing about it is right now (anyway) we are able to hand down clothes after each season to our family and know it will be used the next year. Some people aren’t lucky enough to have that type of spacing!

    Before we get rid of major items (we had a loveseat, chase, huge ottoman, and big chair in storage for over a year) we ask friends and family to see if anyone can use them. We were able to give our living room furniture away to a family friend who was going through a divorce and who had nothing. It is nice to KNOW who is benefiting form our stuff. We have given strollers away, a whole nursery set and tons of toys. All for FREE. I love knowing our stuff is getting used and isn’t going to a landfill!!

    If no one we know can use it- we donate it to goodwill. I pull up and get rid of it all at once! And I don’t have to worry about being contacted by weirdos from craigslist, shipping stuff for ebay, or labeling anything for a garage sale.

    The kids are about to go through the toys we kept in our downsized home to give to kids who don’t have anything- the newer stuff they decide they don’t want usually goes to Children’s Mercy (or my overstocked stuff goes there for the older teen patients).


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