Eat Your Weeds


Weeds can be a big problem in anyone’s yard, but when you do your best to keep an organic lawn, the weeds can take over!  Fortunately, many varieties of weeds are actually very nutritious and can be beneficial to consume.  Before you start eating weeds, though, make sure that you are picking weeds from a trusted source, preferably your own yard that you know hasn’t been sprayed with any chemicals.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Asbestos Bill

Make sure that you can identify weeds before you start chomping down on the green goodness.  What weeds are edible and good for you?  Let’s find out:

-Dandelions.  Dandelions are high in vitamin A, can act as a gentle diuretic to purify your blood, and taste great in smoothies or salads.  Pick the leaves before the flowers appear and you’ll get the most tender greens.

-Red clover.  Red clover is a clover that actually appears more purple than red.  Red clover is high in calcium, magnesium, thiamin, vitamin c, and even isoflavones.  Red clover can be useful for women with an estrogen deficiency.

-Purslane.  Purslane is a very common weed that has a mild flavor and a chewy texture.  The leaves are my favorite part and can be tossed in a potato salad to liven it up.  It is high in vitamin E and alpha linolenic acid (Omega 3).

-Japanese Knotweed.  Japanese knotweed grows like crazy and can take over your yard overnight.  You can use the young shoots and saute them in a little olive oil.  They will taste great!

Before you tackle your next weed problem, try to identify it to see if it’s actually edible.  Then search for some recipes, or even try it mixed in a salad.  Not only will you save money on your food, but you’ll pack a powerful punch of nutrients in as well!

Would you eat weeds?

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5 thoughts on “Eat Your Weeds

  1. cavewoman says:

    Weeds are awesome!

    Check out Victoria Boutenko’s book “Green for Life” is you want to learn more about delicious ways to eat your weeds.

    Dandelion root can also be used to make a type of coffee. Fun!


  2. sue says:

    what about using them to make adult beverages?

    My parents used to make dandelion wine – I remember them pulling my red wagon around the yard, collecting all sorts of dandelions for the brew! 🙂

    Eat, DRINK, and be merry, right? Frugal, too! 😉


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